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Kyle Busch and His Wife Make the Fans Crack Up as They See a Lighter Side of the Duo

Published 03/03/2023, 1:22 PM EST

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NASCAR fans love the chemistry between Kyle Busch and his wife Samantha. They are one of the most loved couples in the NASCAR fraternity, and there are a lot of reasons for the same. While this week has been celebratory for them, they gave fans a good laugh by showing their different side!

The couple has gone through a lot of highs and lows in life together. And what’s impressive is that they have always fought adversity with a smile on their face. Having known each other for over fifteen years and being married for 12 is huge. They are often seen together spending quality time and being each other’s biggest support. Despite being engaged work, kids, and married life, they do find some time for fun as well. 

Kyle Busch shows his funny side to the NASCAR fans


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Rowdy and Samantha posted a funny video on Instagram recently. Samantha captioned the video, “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!”-Kyle (probably).”

In the reel, the two are seen creating a cute married couple’s social media content. Samantha walks up to the front door, grooving. Like a chivalrous man, Rowdy opens the door for her. And as she moves out, he closes the door. The most epic moment of the video, which sent fans into a frenzy, takes place next.


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Rowdy rejoiced the moment that his wife was out of the door by performing his style of shimmies! Fans couldn’t stop themselves from having their best laugh after watching it. 

Fans love this goofy side of Kyle and Samantha Busch

It was hilarious for fans to watch Rowdy performing his shimmies. A lot of fans commented on their post. While they appreciated both having a good time, it was a surprise for them to see this lighter side of Rowdy. Fans can see and feel all the happiness that is bestowed on the family recently. 

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The fans wrote:

“Will the real shimmy shady pls stand up, love it, ya’ll are fricking hilarious”

“LOL!! So cute, but so true!”

“Savage… lol”

“You’re too funny”

“OMG, you guys are hilarious”

“I really like you Busch’s!”

“Kyle got a little loose there at the end!! Needs a round of wedge!”

“Kyles butt shake”

“Kyle’s shimmy at the end!!”

“LMAO..I love you guys”

“You two are funny and Happy”


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“Ok, Rowdy yours was cute but Sam has it right.”

“You guys are ADORABLE!!”

“Moves like Jagger”


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It has been a week full of triumph for the Busch family. Heading to Las Vegas, home ground for Rowdy, the race will be a thrilling one. After his last win at Fontana, fans have a lot of expectations from him.



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