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Kyle Busch Drops 6-Word Truth Bomb on Jeff Gordon About 8 Year Old Racing Prodigy

Published 09/26/2023, 7:31 AM EDT

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NASCAR stands as a towering legacy, seamlessly handed down through generations of legendary racing families. The saga continues with luminaries like Chase Elliott and Dale Earnhardt Jr., who have proudly upheld their family traditions. Even today, seasoned racers ardently guide their progeny, imparting intricate racetrack wisdom to the burgeoning second generation.

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Embracing their paternal heritage, the children of Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch are already carving out their racing paths, showcasing commendable success in their burgeoning careers. Despite their fledgling strides and achievements, a recent episode stirred the waters. Richard Childress’s driver displayed unwavering resolve to mentor his young successor personally. In the face of team owners eager to enlist his emerging talent, he delivered a resolute message, entrusting his protege’s guidance exclusively to his seasoned hands for now.

Kyle Busch delivers a clear message to a notable team vice-chairman


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In the throes of the global pandemic, amid widespread emotional turmoil, the children of NASCAR drivers found a silver lining, nurturing a burgeoning interest in tracing the racing lines of their fathers. As ten-year-old Keelan Harvick embarks on his shootout career in the Young Lions Division, Kyle Busch’s son, Brexton, is also making waves, claiming multiple victories in a remarkably short timeframe.

The eight-year-old Brexton Busch recently brought immense pride to his family, triumphantly clinching the Feature 1 race in the Beginner Box Stock class. Yet, when it comes to officially joining a team, Kyle Busch holds the reins tightly.


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In a recent NASCAR interview, when asked about informing Richard Childress of Brexton’s association with Kyle Busch Motorsports, Busch confirmed the formal agreement, stating, “Yes, Brexton does have a contract with Kyle Busch Motorsports; it is in papers. He had to sign it. So, I have first right to whatever future feel he does.”

Besides, discussing the opportunities Brexton has with Hendrick Motorsports, Kyle Busch relayed an incident with Jeff Gordon. “Jeff Gordon actually asked Brexton if he was available to sign something this weekend, and I was like, Nope! You gotta buy him out.”

For now, it appears that Brexton’s racing journey and future will remain under the vigilant and experienced eye of his father. However, dedicated mentorship is not a one-way street, as Kyle Busch himself candidly admitted to gaining new insights from his young and talented 8-year-old.

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Busch takes lessons from his son, Brexton

Since clinching his first win at Mountain Creek Speedway in 2020, Brexton Busch’s career trajectory has been nothing but soaring. Some argue that the younger Busch secures victory more frequently than his seasoned father. The joy knew no bounds for Kyle Busch and his wife, Samantha Busch when Brexton scaled the podium and hoisted the hefty $100 check.

His unwavering consistency has made him a young beacon of wisdom in racing. Recently, after clinching the first race of the Micro Mania series season at Texas Motor Speedway, Brexton imparted his seasoned insights to his father for an upcoming Cup Series race at the 1.5-mile circuit in 2023.


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Kyle Busch, taking to social media after his son’s win, shared a touching family anecdote. He posted, “My turn next, brexton gave me all his tips so I’m ready.” This heartwarming father-son moment showcases not only Brexton’s burgeoning talent but also Kyle Busch’s humility and readiness to learn from the next generation. The future indeed looks bright and speedy for the Busch lineage!

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