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Lucky Streak Continues for Brad Keselowski as He Takes the Win After Chase Elliott Joey Logano Collide

Lucky Streak Continues for Brad Keselowski as He Takes the Win After Chase Elliott Joey Logano Collide

Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski wins Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway. He inherited the win after a late collision between Joey Logano and Chase Elliott.

Last night, Brad Keselowski scored his second win of the season after NASCAR’s return. Earlier, he won the prestigious Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte. After the race, he said, “There’s so much going on in the world, I am just thankful I get to be a race car driver and do this,”

After the NASCAR‘s return, Keselowski is the first driver to win multiple events in the last five Cup Series races.

Keselowski was running at twelfth spot after a restart with 37 laps remaining. After that, he managed to climb to the top and inherit the first place after the incident.  Additionally, he fended off Clint Bowyer to secure his second win of the year.

Keselowski was running at the third spot with only a few laps remaining. However, Logano and Elliott were running recklessly to take the lead and got tangled into each other. Elliott was following Logano very aggressively to score his second win in three days. However, his move backfired and both of them suffered massively.

They touched at the fourth turn and drifted into the divider as Keselowski slid past with a lap remaining. Brad made no mistake and finished the last lap around the .533 mile circuit to close the deal.

Brad Keselowski befits from Chase Elliott’s Crash Second for the second time after the return

Keselowski acquired his second win of the period when Chase Elliott and Joey Logano crashed as they raced for the victory Sunday at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Earlier, Keselowski got his first triumph of the season at last Sunday’s Coca-Cola 600. Elliott was about two laps from the success when a caution flew and Keselowski took the lead when Elliott pitted.

Notably, He is in his last year at Team Penske with contract negotiations yet to begin. And these back to back wins put him as a serious contender for Jimmie Johnson’s seat at Hendricks for 2021.

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