Matt DiBenedetto Leaves the NASCAR World Speculating as He Shares a Cryptic Message

Published 12/28/2023, 2:46 AM EST

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In September 2023, Matt DiBenedetto stirred the pot on social media by announcing he wouldn’t be back in the driver’s seat of the No. 25 truck for Rackley W.A.R. come 2024. He was rolling the dice and betting on himself, even without a clear path ahead. It was rather a bold move, as he would have to be on the hunt for a new opportunity that fits him like a glove.

Meanwhile, Rackley WAR dropped their bombshell, declaring that Matt DiBenedetto wouldn’t even see the 2023 NASCAR season through in their No. 25 truck. And till now, no one had an update on Matt DiBenedetto. But the current buzz about a recent post from DiBenedetto himself has everyone talking. It’s cryptic, and the rumor mill is in overdrive. Some are betting he’s got a new deal in his back pocket, while others reckon it’s just a flashy play for the spotlight. Either way, DiBenedetto’s keeping us all on our toes, wondering what his next move will be.

Is Matt DiBenedetto gearing up to shake hands on a new deal?


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That’s the question trending through the NASCAR world. Until a month ago, DiBenedetto was still on the hunt for sponsorship to rev his engines in NASCAR’s National Series in 2024, as reported by Toby Christie. But then he throws a curveball on Twitter—a single “🖊️” emoji—leaving fans scratching their heads.

What’s the deal? Is he revving up to rejoin the Rickware Racing team as a Truck Series driver? Is he shifting gears to the Xfinity Series? First off, it’s still up in the air whether he’s clinched a sponsorship deal with any big names. Second, considering the rocky split with his former team, a reunion seems like a long shot.


But the third option? That might have some legs. A telling clue is a recent tweak in his Twitter bio, from ‘Truck Series Driver’ to ‘NASCAR driver’. This subtle switch has set tongues wagging about those 25 AM racing rumors we heard a while back. Then there’s the possibility of joining a top-tier team like Front Row Motorsports, which could put him in the running for a championship.

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If DiBenedetto keeps a cool head and plays nice with the team, he could carve out a niche for himself as a steady, reliable driver, much like Matt Crafton in the truck series. There’s no shame in that game. Plus, the shorter season means more downtime and a tidy paycheck to boot.

And just like we’re all playing detective, the fans are deep in their own sleuthing, trying to piece together the puzzle of DiBenedetto’s next move.


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Fans make speculations about the former RWR driver’s vague post


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The moment Matt DiBenedetto dropped that cryptic pen emoji, NASCAR fans went into overdrive, trying to read between the lines. Was he hinting at inking a new deal? The speculation set off a wave of congratulatory messages, with fans chiming in with cheers like “Congrats and good luck, Matt 👍” and others expressing relief with a heartfelt “FINALLY.”

Then came the guesswork, as fans threw their own theories into the ring. Some wondered if he was steering towards Rickware Racing with comments like “Good luck, Matt!!! RWR maybe?” while others pondered, “Welcome to Sam Hunt Racing.”


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Matt DiBenedetto’s Series of Successive Departures Could Be Detrimental to His Hopes of Coming Back to NASCAR

One fan couldn’t hide their excitement, saying, “You got us excited, Matt!!!!… spill the beans.” Meanwhile, another shared a more measured response, remarking, “Another opportunity is here, I’ll wait patiently for your announcement to wherever you go next.” So, what’s your take on Matt DiBenedetto’s enigmatic post? What do you think he’s signaling?


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