NASCAR’s Big Change to Allow More Sponsor Exposure Leaves Fans Confused as They Introduce New Display Rules

Published 01/25/2024, 2:48 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

It is no secret that motorsport is perhaps the most expensive sport in the world to compete in, and NASCAR is no different. Drivers and teams at the highest level are heavily reliant on sponsors when it comes to the financial aspect of the game. One of the most important duties that a driver or a team has to its sponsors is to feature them during race day in some way. This can get difficult when a team has a lot of sponsors, so NASCAR has come up with some new rules to allow more sponsor exposure. However, some fans have been left confused.

Teams usually feature their sponsors on the race cars on race weekends. However, for teams that operate with 1 or 2 full-time cars, this can be a bit tricky. This year, however, things will be different as everyone will have electronic boards facing the track where sponsors can be advertised. However, there are a lot of rules for this.

What are the new rules NASCAR has proposed for electronic displays?


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Eminent NASCAR journalist Bob Pockrass recently shared a tweet on his X handle outlining the rules teams need to follow when it comes to the electronic board. NASCAR has laid out an extensive set of rules and regulations for this aspect. A couple of the norms that the organization has come up with are that reflective substances won’t be allowed on the boards and that the content has to be pre-approved by NASCAR beforehand.

The maximum permitted height of the display cannot be more than 42 inches, and it must not protrude beyond the ends of the pit cart. It also cannot be used as a source of collimated light, and it must operate in static display under green flag conditions so that the drivers don’t get distracted. “Here are the rules for electronic displays teams can have on their pit boxes facing the track,” Pockrass tweeted as he shared a picture of the rules.

However, not all fans are quite clear on the concept of it. Several users voiced their confusion about the matter in the comments section. There were criticisms and praises for the new rules as well, but the overwhelming feeling was one of doubt.

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Fans express confusion over display rules for teams


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Bob Pockrass is a man known for interacting with fans on social media whenever they have questions, and the veteran insider did so this time around as well. When one fan commented, “Explain more,” he replied, “Teams will be allowed to have electronic screens/LED boards on their pit boxes. A way to give sponsor more exposure during a night race.”

This concept is new to NASCAR, and fans do not have an idea how it would look. Some of them asked for examples of other racing competitions doing the same. “Are there any examples out there from other racing series? Interested in what these are going to end up looking like,” one user asked.


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“Is there concept art to give a general idea of it?” questioned another.

Some fans did not see the point of the electronic displays when it came to overall viewership of the sport. “Does this rule change inspire anyone to purchase a ticket or watch on television?” they asked.

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One user was impressed with the new rules and commented, “Sounds awesome.” However, another user believes that there will be partiality when the rules are enforced during the season. “like all other rules in Nascar-it will be officiated differently depending on who the owner is- if u know what I mean,” they wrote.

What are your opinions about the rules regarding electronic displays beside the pit boxes? Will it affect the viewing experience for fans at all? Let us know your thoughts.


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