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NASCAR Confirms, All The Upcoming Races Will Be Held Without Qualifying and Practice Races

NASCAR Confirms, All The Upcoming Races Will Be Held Without Qualifying and Practice Races


According to sources, NASCAR confirms that all the planned races will be held without any qualifying and practice race. Additionally, fans won’t be permitted inside the race tracks in any of the races till June 21.

Last Sunday, NASCAR had its first-ever fanless race at Darlington. And for the first time we had a virtual draw deciding the starting lineup. Team Penske’s Brad Keselowski got a pole position sitting at his home. However, not everyone was happy with the random draw. Multiple title contenders were thrown off by a surprise as the draw placed them very low on the grid.

NASCAR news Twitter account ‘Jayski.com‘ confirms, “NASCAR has released weekend at-track schedules for Bristol, Atlanta, Martinsville, and Homestead. There will be no practice or qualifying for any series at those races.”

Many fans were not happy with the announcement and posted their comments about it on Twitter. One user said, “Definitely agree with practice, but I think qualifying should return. They need an honest way to set the field lineup, a random draw is fine when they’re trying to limit the amount of time people are at the track but SOP should be time trials.”

NASCAR using random draw gives a surprise punch to the drivers and teams

NASCAR decide the lineup for the race using a draw and Keselowski got a surprise front-row seat. Brad Keselowski commended his first pole win of the season and maybe the most important of his profession from a remote place. He will be joined in the first row by Alex Bowman of Hendrick Motorsports. Matt DiBenedetto, Kyle Busch and Aric Almirola close out the best five beginning spots.

What’s more, besides the result of pure chance, there was nothing the drivers could do with the exception of pause, watch, and expectation.

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