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NASCAR Drivers Predict Their Chances of Winning the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series

NASCAR Drivers Predict Their Chances of Winning the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series

The NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs are well underway, and the battle is heating up exponentially. Recently, a number of drivers ranked their chances of staying alive in the Playoffs.

First and foremost, Denny Hamlin declared that he would rate his season as a 1 or 1 and a half. This is largely down to the level at which he is performing this year.

Moving on to Matt DiBenedetto, he confessed that winning the title could be a tough ask. Meanwhile, Cole Custer admitted that he does not know what he is getting himself into, because he is still a rookie. In other words, neither of them could give a number.

What did the other NASCAR drivers say?

It is also worth noting that Brad Keselowski noted that his chances would be in the range of one to three. However, Austin Dillon lowered his scale down to seven, which was surprising. He justified himself by saying that, ‘crazy things can happen’.

William Byron looked back at last year where he won just one race. So, he believes that his chances of winning the Cup Series are very slim.

Aric Almirola for one did not give himself a numerical rating. Though he did insist that he has a car that is capable of getting into the Top-5. Meanwhile, Ryan Blaney preferred to be optimistic and gave himself a one. This is because he believes that he deserved to be in the Playoffs, and nobody could say anything different.

On the other end of the scale, Alex Bowman decided to take a more realistic approach. However, he did confess that he would have loved to give himself a one.

Kurt Busch boldly declared that he has a shot at the Top-5. Joey Logano also felt that he had an excellent season and gave himself a one. Interestingly, Kevin Harvick did not make an appearance in the video, and a few other faces were missing as well.

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