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NASCAR Fans React to Latest Bubba Wallace Revelation

Published 05/18/2022, 3:03 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Bubba Wallace might just be the most popular name in NASCAR ever since he started racing with Richard Petty Motorsports. And, he developed a reputation as an activist in the sport, working towards a few changes. However, calling Bubba a “fan-favorite” driver is very far-fetched. Despite that, Wallace has shown some great performance over the years.

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Kansas was turning out to be another great race for the driver, especially his team. 23XI got their first win of the season as Kurt Busch drove the #45, embellished with Michael Jordan’s design to the victory lane.


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However, a pit stop error lost Bubba Wallace some significant positions. Despite that, Wallace Jr. was the driver with the most passes in the entire race. In fact, Nascar Nation on Facebook posted, “Bubba Wallace passed the most cars in the field at Kansas Speedway, with 123 green flag passes.” However, the fans didn’t seem thrilled about it.

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Fans Accuse NASCAR Of Coming Up With Random Stats To Make Bubba Wallace Look Good

NASCAR fans did not appreciate NASCAR giving allegedly “obscure, irrelevant,” stats, as one fan, John Muth said, “Ahhhhh, the art of coming up with obscure, irrelevant stats to fit a narrative 

Others had a similar take as Jacob Raines said, “Not hating, but when did passing cars become a headline? The only car to pass that matters is the one up front, and he didn’t do that.”

Even Matt Tate seems to agree, “NASCAR , you never talked about anyone else passing the most cars. Why now?? You have to find something about Bubba to talk about.”


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In fact, some fans seem to imply that Kurt Busch is not appreciated enough. As Ethan Ehrlicher said, “They have been reporting this forever but it’s been talked about more because I believe it was Kurt Busch that passed a shot ton of cars in one of the first few races. Bubba had a really fast car just got screwed in the pits every time!”

Gary Anderson seems to be on the same page, “And yet he still finished tenth. Oh, by the way, I don’t know how many cars his teammate passed, but he won. So why is this a story. Some kind of Agenda 


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To conclude, Bubba Wallace ran a great race in Kansas and had a whopping 123 passes all the way up to the top-5. However, a poor pit stop messed up his race. And, NASCAR sharing stats they find worthless does not thrill the fans, considering he didn’t win.

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