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For a while now, the uncertainty around the contract situation of Kyle Busch has only grown. The Joe Gibbs Racing driver is rumored to be leaving his team in case his team cannot fulfill his contractual demands and find him a new sponsor after M&M’s departure.

Several NASCAR experts, countless fans, officials in Toyota Racing camp, and Joe Gibbs himself have, in some way or the other, addressed how disastrous it would be should Busch leave JGR under the circumstances that he’s predicted to.


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However, his recent comments about this subject wouldn’t exactly instill confidence in all his stakeholders.

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter how soon or how late it gets done. Until there’s an announcement that somebody else is driving the #18 car then, I feel like I still have a seat,” Busch said ahead of the race in New Hampshire.

When asked whether he’s had any talks with other teams other than JGR about his future, the two-time Cup champion gave the short answer – “Yes.”

“Anything is possible, there’s all kinds of different things that can play out,” he added

“It’s just a matter of what does.”

Naturally, many NASCAR fans expressed their worry and grim prediction of a circumstance in which the #18 driver has to leave his team and find a new team, and perhaps, under a new manufacturer too.

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The Kyle Busch situation is being worked upon according to JGR President

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Dave Alpern, the President of Joe Gibbs Racing, recently emphasized how much they’re prioritizing the issue of Kyle Busch’s renewal with their team. “We’ve been pretty consistent since the end of last season, which is we want Kyle to be in the (No.) 18 car and that’s our plan,” Alpern said.


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“We’re still working on sponsorship, and as much interest as there is in our sport, these take a long time.”

USA Today via Reuters

Alpern admitted that while finding Busch the right sponsor is taking a little longer than what they anticipated, it is not because of a lack of interest, “It’s just trying to get everything put together,” he continued.


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“We’re hoping to get something decided here in the very near future.”

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