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NASCAR Fans Speculate Triumphant Return of Iconic Sponsor After $7.1 Billion Move With $20,000 Prize

Published 05/24/2023, 3:40 PM EDT

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Nostalgia is something that is well understood by old-school NASCAR fans. While the sport has evolved to become the giant it is today, diehard fans will definitely have the older generation drivers and their raw emotions on the track closer to their hearts.

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In light of this, a former iconic NASCAR Cup Series sponsor has the fans going back a couple of years to reminisce about the good old days as they speculate a possible comeback.

Despite parting ways with NASCAR back in 2003, after a successful association of 30-plus years, the brand still is regarded well among many fans. A small update yesterday had the fans think about the possible return of the sponsor despite legal implications acting as a strong deterrent.


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Recent Reports Have Fans Speculating About the Return of an Iconic NASCAR Sponsor

Before their divorce, NASCAR had a proud sponsor, Winston, one of the largest tobacco brands in the country, that helped NASCAR with the ‘Winston Cup’ name. While gone are the days when drivers like Dale Earnhardt Sr used to have Winston’s badging on their race suits, the name still resonates deeply with the racing community.

Winston massively helped racing, especially NASCAR. The company helped the governing body when it was confined to the Southern part of the country and wanted to expand its wings to become the million-dollar organization it is today.


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After being acquired for $7.1 Billion dollars by Imperial Tobacco Group in 2015, the Winston brand has now caught the eye of the NASCAR community, once again.

They made a small activation at an adult-only speakeasy at NWB, the same iconic place where NASCAR All-Star took place. This has fans on a nostalgic trip, speculating about the former sponsor’s return.

It was in the 1970s when RJ Reynolds, the owner of the brand, sought a new tie-up with a sports entity it could sponsor and attach its hallmark cigarette brand to. Consequently, everything played out just fine so that NASCAR president Bill France Jr. and RJR sports executive Ralph Seagraves sat down together. This also led the fans to have the NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National Series, which then became NASCAR Winston Cup Series.


As per the update provided by Sports Business Journal reporter Adam Stern, Winston is also running a rewards contest that includes a grand prize of a Roval trip and a whopping $20,000 cash prize. Seeing this development, the fan let out their excitement under the same post uploaded on Reddit.

Although it was a long and successful sponsorship campaign that the brand had with the organization, stern governmental legislation forced them to end all advertisements of tobacco products.

Fans Give Their Take as the Former Sponsor Teases a Possible Return

Not only was Winston a key element of the sport’s popularity as it helped the sport reach across the country, but Winston’s group was also generous with NASCAR teams, as they helped them with monetary funds and major deals. And seeing the news of the brand back near NASCAR seems to have sent the fans to a guessing game.

One fan wrote, “TIL: Winston is still around”


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“Damn now I regret not going in there Wednesday night when I saw it”

“Everybody’s going to die of something might as well let people do what they want with their health. Hell, sugar and sodium in our foods probably kill more than cigarettes”

“I always just wished as a kid they would have made a bigger gen 4 car that was safer and that was it. Like literally just make it bigger. I miss that car and the Winston days”


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While these updates only indicate speculations about the return of the brand, the once iconic company is still around, still being one of the top tobacco companies in the country.

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