NASCAR Insider Turned Hip-Hop Artist Amazes Fans as He Breaks Down the Bristol Blockbuster Throwing Shade at F1

Published 03/19/2024, 12:21 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

The Bristol Motor Speedway showdown is bound to go down as a classic case of how a track can flip the script for drivers and their crews. It revealed a side of itself that left the racers wide-eyed. It’s no shocker then that the seasoned pros, like Denny Hamlin snagging the win and Martin Truex Jr bagging second, were the ones who navigated the chaos like champs. But what if we told you that a NASCAR insider has come up with something as impressive as the race itself? NASCAR expert Jeff Gluck has taken a wild turn into the rap game. And guess what? He’s nailing it. Just the other day, he left Jordan Bianchi seriously impressed by dropping a rap recap of the entire Bristol race.

Jeff Gluck wowed his colleague with his epic rap breakdown of the Bristol Motor Speedway race

Out of the blue, Dirty Mo Media dropped this clip where Jeff Gluck and Jordan Bianchi were digging into the Bristol race details. Mid-chat, Gluck dips out, only to return decked out in a pink blazer and cap, looking every bit the part of a rapper.


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He launches into his rap, “You were buried alive and now you’re back from the dead. Got that dirt off your shoulder like Mr. Hova said. So, fresh and so nice like new sheets on a bed. Just call me Mr. Clean with a shiny bald head. My diss tracks are lethal; two turns and it’s done. See a dirt race down here, no Mo’ son. It’s Bristol baby. And damn that’s fun. [….]”

He even sneakily poked fun at the critics yearning for the dirt track to return, with a rhyme, “The fact cars on the leave at this race was no fun. Alright, Bet- let’s just go watch F1. Last great Collessium, we have to stand, but here’s the problem, dog, where are all the fans? Thought the people were with me, and they wanted dirt gone, then they showed up dressed like a loom and numb. 55 straight races sold out for real, tickets so rare they got left in the will. Can’t make y’all go, but if you ain’t down, gonna see this racing at the National Fairgrounds.”

And it wasn’t just Jordan Bianchi left stunned by Gluck’s skills; NASCAR fans too gave props to Jeff Gluck for his creative spin.

NASCAR fans went nuts over Jeff Gluck’s rap recap


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The moment the video hit Twitter, folks couldn’t stop raving about Gluck’s hidden chops. The praise ranged from straight-up awe, with comments like, “@jeff_gluck this was incredible,” to the simple but fiery, “🔥🔥🔥,”  “No lie, that was pretty damn brilliant!!” and “That is very impressive.” 

One fan got a kick out of Jordan Bianchi’s reaction, saying, “That was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @jeff_gluck ! But my favorite part was watching @Jordan_Bianchi 😂.”


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Someone even threw down a suggestion for NASCAR: “@jeff_gluck needs to be the halftime performer during the next Clash race.” Meanwhile, another fan’s dreaming of a whole album, “Between Gluck’s rapping and @SpotterBrett with the Goats on fire you got the makings of a Dirty Mo album!”

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One fan boldly placed Gluck among the legends, saying, “Eminem’s legacy is in doubt. Vanilla Ice is dead to me. Chef Gluck letting it cook up in here.” Loads of fans piled on the love with comments like, “Never disappoints the fans!!” “Holy crapppppp. I loved it,” “Excellence,” “Dude. Nice!” and “That was fucking awesome!!”


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Someone, moreover, shared they caught it live on YouTube, claiming it was the highlight of their night: “I was watching live on YouTube last night when this happened and I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard but at the same time I was very impressed because it was good.”

Well, what did you think of Jeff Gluck’s rap song? Let us know in the comments below.


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