‘Dirt Race at Bristol’: NASCAR Outlines Plans for a Dirt Track Race at Bristol

September 24, 2020 6:15 pm

In a spot of interesting news, NASCAR is toying with the idea of running a dirt race in the future. The company, Speedway Motorsports, and other stakeholders have pinpointed the Bristol Motor Speedway as a potential venue. However, some sources insist that it is still early days before those plans take flight.

Interestingly, Bristol first floated the idea when the authorities proposed filling its concrete short track with dirt for a race. That was when the World of Outlaws series made landfall in Bristol, Tennessee in 2000 and 2001. Speaking to Dale Earnhardt Jr in his podcast, Speedway Motorsports President & CEO Marcus Smith pitched the idea to the former driver. However, his comments were highly vague, so the topic was soon dropped.

How will this NASCAR race work, and what do the drivers think?

For this to truly become a success, it is on the teams to develop special packages for their cars. Admittedly, some of the responses were lukewarm, but NASCAR and its partners seem eager to green-light the event.

However, some weren’t too thrilled by the idea and outright rejected it. But the teams may have no choice but to eventually give their seal of approval.

Xfinity driver, Ryan Vargas said, “I mean, cool, but I’d rather just see NASCAR venture into other dirt tracks across the region. Bristol is fine the way it is. Will I like dirt, of course. But not at the expense of a bad to the bone short track.”

Meanwhile, Gander & RV Truck driver, David Ragan insisted that the Bristol track should not be changed. He urged NASCAR to refrain from running the asphalt Cup cars on a dirt track. In his mind, such a scene would look a bit ridiculous and he said that the World of Outlaws Late Models was there for a “good show on dirt”.

Finally, Matt Tifft said, “I feel like eldora will always be special, but dirt at Bristol I can’t tell if it is a good idea or not, I think it would be fun for one year but can’t see them doing it with brand new cars in 2022. (I still want a street race before a dirt race).”

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