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People expect drama in NASCAR and the first race of the season saw a high degree of it. While Denny Hamlin stole the spotlight with a win and another “I beat your favorite driver” speech, the feud between Joey Logano and Ty Gibbs blew up on the internet. Former Cup Series racer and motorsports veteran Kyle Petty recently shared his opinion about the altercation. It’s safe to say that Logano would not be happy when he hears what Petty had to say.

Both Gibbs and Logano had a good run in the Clash at the Coliseum race on Saturday. Both racers were near the front of the pack at one point. With a track as small as the one at the LA Memorial Coliseum, there is bound to be close-quarter racing and a degree of pushing. That is exactly what led to the feud as Gibbs pushed Logano up the track, irritating the Team Penske star.

Veteran insider slams ‘whining’ drivers in NASCAR today


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The racers were seen having a heated conversation after the race and the former Cup Series champion made it clear that he was not happy with the Joe Gibbs Racing driver in the post-race interview. It seems like the two will share an on-track rivalry at the beginning of the 2024 season. However, as far as Kyle Petty was concerned, Joey Logano had no business complaining about what happened.

Pushing opponents up the track is not uncommon in NASCAR at all. The 2022 Cup Series champion has done it on several occasions to gain an advantage on the track. So when the same is done to him, he should have no place to complain. At least that’s what Kyle Petty believes as he uncovered the ‘whining’ mentality in the drivers of today.

“We saw Ty move Joey up. Did we ever see Joey moving anybody up? Yeah, I think we have. So if you do it, you can’t complain about it. I’m sorry, you can’t complain about it. Old-school drivers would do it to each other and never complain about it. These guys do it to each other and whine about it, tweet about it, put it up on Instagram, and put it up on TikTok. The world has to know somebody did something wrong to me. It wasn’t wrong, what Ty Gibbs did,” the 63-year-old said.

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However, that did not stop him from heaping the praise both on Joey Logano and Ty Gibbs for showing that kind of passion even though the race did not mean anything at all.


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Praise showered upon Ty Gibbs and Joey Logano after their passionate exchange


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The Clash at the Coliseum is a pre-season exhibition race with no Cup Series implications. Several drivers treat the event as a testing ground for the new cars to see how they run in a competitive setting. However, the reaction of both Gibbs and Logano suggests that they were going for the win.

“When in Hollywood, there’s gotta be drama and we saw it with Ty Gibbs and Joey Logano. Ty Gibbs had a phenomenal race. Who saw that coming? Joey Logano, everybody saw that coming. You know he’s going to run up front. But the drama at the end of the race standing on the liftgate. One guy that’s 6’2”, one guy that’s 5’2”, the visual of looking at those two guys argue with each other was amazing. But I love that. This race, in the big picture of life and the big picture of the NASCAR season means 0. It’s all about the money in the bank baby. No points, doesn’t move you anywhere, but these 2 guys have the passion to go out and get it done,” Petty added.


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Is Joey Logano indeed making a big deal out of what may have been nothing but a racing incident? Or was Ty Gibbs wrong to push the Team Penske man up the track? Let us know your opinions.

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