“They Put Black Driver, the Viewership Goes Up”: Bubba Wallace Tears Into Media For Using the Michael Jordan’s Driver’s Off-Track Identity for Benefit

Published 11/08/2022, 1:45 PM EST

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Surely, being the only African-American driver in a sport has got to be a challenge. And of course, Bubba Wallace has already faced his fair share of consequences of being the odd one out. But he revealed how much the media has abused his position to get views on their news pieces.

But, he also confessed to having gotten used to it. Maybe, even embraced it.


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In a recent episode of SHOWTIME Basketball, Wallace talked about him getting his first Truck Series win at Talladega. Surprisingly, his colour is what brought more attention for the reporter as he described the incident, “You get out and they’re like- ‘wow, first African American to win’. It’s like, ‘oh, shit, right. Wow’. Okay.”

The 23XI Racing driver then talked about his pinned Tweet “And so my tweet that’s been since 2017, is you’re not gonna stop hearing about the black driver. There’s only one. And so. Accept it. Embrace it. Enjoy the journey.”

You can see the Tweet he’s talking about right below

But do you think it’s fair for the media to form a driver’s identity around the minority group he belongs to?

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Let us know your point of view in the comments. But Bubba himself has an interesting way to deal with it,

Bubba Wallace has embraced his Identity


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Although Wallace admitted to not liking the image the media has created, he has embraced it.

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He also understands the media as he explained, “Yeah, I’m tired of hearing about it. But Media’s gotta get there, clickbait and all this shit, you know, they’re not just gonna put Bubba Wallace won race people are gonna be like, who the Hell’s that. They put black driver, the viewership goes up,”But you know. It is what it is. But. I run away from that right. I accept it.”


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What’s your take on the whole situation? Let us know in the comments.


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