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“Nothing Compared to Where We Thought It Was Going”: Kyle Busch’s Boss Reveals the Dark Side of NASCAR’s Next Gen Car

Published 03/06/2023, 7:23 PM EST

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NASCAR introduced the use of Next Gen cars in the last season. So far, we have got mixed reviews for the Gen-7 car. With the sport still adapting to the new cars, it is too soon to conclude. Having said that, two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch‘s new boss recently had something to say about the new cars.

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NASCAR is keen on improving the aerodynamics and creating a level-field play for all teams with the Next Gen cars. Busch’s boss and Richard Childress Racing owner Richard Childress shared some important details pertaining to this evolution in the sport.

Kyle Busch’s new boss points out Next Gen car’s drawback


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Every team is having its own struggle with Next Gen cars. With just one year of using the technologically upgraded cars, it is going to take some time to get accustomed. That being said, there is one thing that looks unlikely to change. And Kyle Busch’s current boss recently highlighted it.

Speaking on the Speed Sports podcast, Richard Childress spoke in detail about how NASCAR is changing. He explained the negative side of the Next Gen cars. The 77-year-old said, “I think as far as the costs [involving Next Gen cars], yes sir, the cost is nothing compared to where we thought it was going to be.


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“The savings are not going to be there, everything’s gone up, constantly going up, which everybody knows today, inflation hits everything.

“But it’s hit this car harder than any of us had ever expected, some of the components were using them up a lot quicker than we had anticipated so it’s expensive but I think putting on a great show for the fans at the end of the day.”

Despite pointing out the dark side of the new cars, Richard had something positive to say too.

Richard was impressed by NASCAR

Having been involved in the sport for more than 50 years now, Richard is among the foremost experts. Though the concept of Next Gen cars is relatively new, the RCR owner pointed out the most attractive thing about them.


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Speaking on the same podcast, he said, “This whole car is a different change but the biggest change in this whole car is so engineer-driven. NASCAR has done a great job so far of keeping the rules and keeping everybody pretty much in track. The thing is so engineered driven, every component everything about the car.

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“Before it may take a hundred thousands to make a difference, now twenty and thirty thousands is making a difference in this car and all the different moves you make in it one thing will make react to the other end of the car so you got to have the right engineering group working with you.”


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Childress certainly knows what he is talking about.

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