“Public Bullsh*t That They Support Women”: Natalie Decker Slams NASCAR in Viral Post

Published 01/23/2023, 3:30 AM EST

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NASCAR is a highly competitive sport. The fact that in the 75 years of the sport, with thousands participating, only 35 have managed to win the Cup Series is proof of that. But at the same time, there have also been allegations that it favors only a certain demographic.

For years, the narrative against NASCAR has been that it supports only a certain section of people, and those are the ones that have a path to the top. This argument has largely been against NASCAR’s white male-dominated history.

Unfortunately, another driver from the sport has spoken on the issue. Natalie Decker posted a TikTok earlier yesterday that blew up. In the short video, the caption read: “POV: you sacrificed and worked your whole life to compete in this sport that feeds you and the public bullsh*t that they support women.”


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Quite predictably, the post went viral and caused a lot of division among the fanbase of the sport.

Fair to say, the driver received a lot of negative comments in reply to the post, which led to her deleting it. However, in truth, nothing can be deleted from the internet. Archives still remain available.

Does NASCAR have work to do?

As soon as the TikTok post blew up, social media began to give its takes on the opinion of the driver. NASCAR journalist Matthew Burroughs was among those who opined on the post.


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He had a very level-headed response. “It’s tempting to criticize a racer for saying the game is unfair when they don’t win, but Natalie Decker’s point has validity. A major corporation can spilt (sic) 20 bucks across 20 female drivers and the NASCAR public will trip over themselves to gleefully call it progress. #NASCAR”

In other words, Burroughs believes that NASCAR has the resources to share the truckloads of money it generates every year, with drivers from less-represented backgrounds. However, in defense of the organization, steps have been taken. Decker, for instance, was part of the Drive for Diversity in 2015. Racing News reported that the initiative allows for bringing diversity to the sport.

Time since then hasn’t been too rewarding for the driver. She has run a few races in the Xfinity Series, with her best finish being a 24th-place finish at Talladega.


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Decker might have deleted the post, but she has restarted a tough conversation. Would NASCAR take action? Do you think it needs to?


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