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Race Track, Deemed “Most Boring” by Most Popular Driver Chase Elliott, Reveals their Plan for 2024 Despite Backlash

Published 11/20/2023, 2:55 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Arguably, the two weekends that neither NASCAR fans nor drivers particularly look out for are the ones at the Richmond Raceway. The D-shaped oval has two Cup Series races scheduled in a year and it is agreed on all fronts that they are the least visually appealing events. The track’s image as one of the most boring ones has been underlined by the criticisms it has drawn from champions like Chase Elliott. Despite all that the track management has going on against them, they continue to push forward with their agenda.

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In a recent revelation, the track’s new logo and their night-race arrangement with NASCAR came to light and has drawn the further wrath of fans.

Richmond Raceway reveals a new logo amidst preparations for 2024


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Richmond Raceway’s new logo has been designed by the in-house branding group of NASCAR. Striking sentiment with the regional crowd, the logo features the outline of the track, a blue swirl that resembles the James River and the skyline of the city in red. Crowing these are stars in the form of three dots in a dark sky. The new design is certainly an upgrade that is befitting to the younger group of fans who are attracted to NASCAR. But the logo hardly solves the problems of the track.


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The new logo comes weeks after it was announced that 2024 would continue to have two Cup Series races at the raceway. Talking about how the logo connects with the ambitions to continue having the two fixtures, the track’s president Lori Collier Waran said, “This is a regional effort. We want to continue to have two Cup Series races every year, and to do that we need everyone to come out, show up and show off.”


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As expected, NASCAR’s schedule did not settle well with a lot of fans since it was revealed. Finding a top spot on the list of problems that it has were the races in Richmond. Looking back at the words of Chase Elliott about the track from July, it isn’t a blurred fact that drivers aren’t very thrilled about it either.

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Chase Elliott’s boredom with the Richmond Raceway will continue to the next season

Talking to Richmond Times back in July, Most Popular Driver of 2022 said, “It’s kind of, you know, the racetrack, it’s funny. I tell people all the time it’s the most boring race track ever to drive on. But it is so difficult to get a hold of, and you wouldn’t think that those two things would be in the same sentence, but I guess it’s so simple it’s complicated.” Elliott also continued talking about how almost all of the current grid was inconsistent in racing at the track.

With drivers not taking any particular affinity to the track, fans reflect the same sentiment. As veteran reporter, Adam Stern, shared an article from, detailing the logo changes, NASCAR fans voiced their disappointment. One fan wrote, “Nope. One date please. We don’t like RichMid”. While some were okay with having one race at the track, many were also of the opinion that the track had to be completely gone from the schedule. Another follower wrote, “Sorry but Richmond has to go. One of if not the most boring track on the schedule”.

Giving his take on the new logo, a fan sad, “Looks like the bottom of a shoe.”

“A logo does not make a future!”

Some even came up with solutions, “Richmond needs to put sealer on the track again. These cars are underpowered as it is so they need some help.”

Richmond Raceway is one of the short tracks that have become affected by NASCAR’s horsepower reduction in its next-gen car. Despite the increase from 500 HP to 640 HP that came with the latest car, races at short tracks have been bordering on being terrible experiences for both drivers and viewers. While a horsepower increase could potentially increase the engagement level at Richmond, whether that alone will be enough remains a question. For now, the Hendrick Motorsports’ former champion and the fans, will have to settle for the two races at the track.


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