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Earlier this week, Bubba Wallace broke the news about his wife’s pregnancy, hinting that their little one might arrive around his birthday in October. Now, the news is that there’s another baby racing to make an entrance. Three-time Supercar champ Scott McLaughlin and his wife, Karly, just shared they’re expecting their first child too. The buzz started right after his playful ‘permission form‘ for late nights hit the internet. One thing’s for sure: McLaughlin’s kid will have plenty of reasons to watch her dad’s races.

Scott McLaughlin and his wife really turned heads with their pregnancy announcement

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The McLaughlin couple dropped a video capturing the moment Scott’s wife discovered she was pregnant; her reaction was priceless. Then, they showed her telling Scott, and later, they shared the big news with their friends and family. They even included a sweet reveal that it’s going to be a girl. The video was captioned, Our greatest adventure yet. Baby Girl arriving October 2024 💕✨.


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It looks like their little one will make her debut around the same time as Bubba Wallace’s bundle of joy.

Just before Scott McLaughlin shared his big news, Bubba Wallace beat him to the punch, announcing that he and his wife Amanda are expecting their first child. Bubba went all poetic on us, posting: Spring has sprung. Summer will be rad. Fall is the first time. We’ll be mom and dad! Baby Wallace coming October 2024, with a cute picture of them in their car, checking out a sonogram photo hanging from the rearview mirror. They even included their dog Asher in the celebration, turning it into a full-on family moment.

Additionally, Scott McLaughlin dished out a cheeky excuse slip for fans who might need to dodge work or school to catch a race. This kind of thing isn’t new—rain delay or not, racing fans are always ready with a “get out of class free” card to watch the races, whether it’s IndyCar, NASCAR, you name it. But Scott’s note had a little extra zing, hinting, They’re just going to be watching it on their phones on Peacock all day anyway. It looks like his future daughter won’t need any made-up excuses to watch the races; Dad’s already got it covered.


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Meanwhile, Scott and his wife are soaking up all the good vibes and congrats from motorsports enthusiasts everywhere.

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The moment the news dropped, fans were quick to pour in their congratulations. It started with a flood of joyous shouts like “Roger Penske’s driver’s comment section exploded with love and well-wishes from motorsports fans. The moment the news dropped, fans were quick to pour in their congratulations. It started with a flood of joyous shouts like Congratulations!” and “Congrats guys! Best thing 😍” and then it turned a touch sentimental, celebrating the joys of becoming a girl’s parents.


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Fans chimed in with comments like, Legit can’t wait to hear your baby girls blended accent 😂❤️,” “Amazing guys, congratulations. Very special adventure ahead,” and “Girl dad gang! Congrats pals!”  Others were simply over the moon, posting, CANT HANDLE THIS!!!!🥺🥺🩷🩷baby girl McLaughlin we love you SO MUCH😍.”

Adding to the cheer, Karli Wickens chimed in with, Oh my gosh the sweetest video 🥰🥰🥰 can’t wait to spoil her 💕💕💕,  and semi-retired Australian racer Lee Holdsworth dropped a note saying, Bloody great news mate!! Congrats 🥂 So happy for you guys. Looks like 2024 is shaping up to be a year full of personal milestones for many drivers!