Sarcastic Kyle Larson Takes a Dig at Clint Bowyer’s Infamous Personality

Published 01/06/2024, 9:08 PM EST

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Clint Bowyer is certainly among the stalwarts of NASCAR who left their mark on the sport. However, he is known for his personality and his ability to better connect with fans and the community as a whole. While not everyone was a fan of his merry and outspoken personality, he did manage to strike the right chords with the masses, and that is what mattered.

However, Clint Bowyer did have a different side to his personality, a more fierce one that would unleash on the race tracks. One particular incident that flashes in front of our eyes is the 2012 brawl between Jeff Gordon and him, where Gordon seemingly ended his hopes of winning the championship. What followed next was Bowyer’s infamous sprint to Gordon’s hauler. Reminiscing about this particular moment, Kyle Larson aimed a sarcastic dig at Clint Bowyer while speaking with Kenny Wallace on his show.

Some snarky jabs about Clint Bowyer’s age for his sprint from the 2012 Phoenix race


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It was Kenny Wallace who brought up the scenario of NASCAR drivers retiring soon while chatting with Kyle Larson on his show. Naming a few drivers like Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, and Clint Bowyer, Wallace tried to back his theory of the trend of retiring at 42. However, he singled out Bowyer at the end of the conversation he had with him. Clint Bowyer made a point along the line that when you start racing at six years old, forty years old feels like a hundred.

Kenny Wallace was referring to the tireless efforts the drivers have to put in, and the age starts to catch up after all those years, but Kyle Larson hit a home run with his hilarious reply, which even left Wallace in splits. “Well Clint has ran himself hard, I don’t think him feeling a hundred years old has anything to do with him racing. That’s all done outside the race car.”

This was a reference to that infamous sprint that Clint Bowyer made to get even with Jeff Gordon after he cost him that championship in Phoenix. If it weren’t for the NASCAR official who stopped Bowyer in his tracks, there sure would have been a boxing match-up on display at a NASCAR circuit. “It’s pretty embarrassing for a four-time champion and what I consider one of the best the sport has ever seen to act like that,” Bowyer said afterward.

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However, many NASCAR fans feel like Larson does not appreciate Cup racing due to his passion for dirt racing and other adventures.


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Kyle Larson asserted that he loves NASCAR racing


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Kyle Larson indeed has a thing for dirt racing and trying his hands at different racing circuits. But to draw out a narrative that he does not like racing in NASCAR is somewhat vague. Addressing this particular issue while speaking on Kenny Conversation, Larson stated that he would not be racing in NASCAR if he didn’t love it.

I don’t want people to get spun about it. I’m not saying I’m retiring at 30-whatever, but I love racing in NASCAR. I would not be racing in NASCAR if I didn’t love it. I think a lot of race fans feel that I don’t like racing in NASCAR; I’m just doing it to make money, and then I’m gonna retire and all that.” Larson said.


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A driver who is just 31 and already has a championship to his name can certainly explore his options, for he has reached his peak.

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