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Smaller NASCAR Teams Join Hands To Help Mike Harmon Racing Gear Up for Dover After the Robbery

Smaller NASCAR Teams Join Hands To Help Mike Harmon Racing Gear Up for Dover After the Robbery

A couple of days ago, disaster struck the Mike Harmon Racing team, because their trailer and car got stolen. According to the NASCAR Xfinity team on their social media channels, surveillance cameras witnessed somebody stealing the trailer. As it happens, the perpetrators were last spotted traveling down Interstate 95 toward Florida.

This could be disastrous for Mike Harmon Racing┬ásince they field the No. 47 and No. 74 cars race in the Xfinity Series. Apparently, the team’s dually and 32-foot trailer got stolen overnight.

It was imperative that the missing trailer was recovered since it housed race equipment and the No. 47 race car. The team reported that the theft took place between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. ET in Georgia. After the incident, the team even put a bounty for anyone who can give some information about the stolen goods.

NASCAR journalist Bob Pockrass reveals in a tweet that other smaller teams have come up to help the MHR team who’s looking at options to still participate in the Dover race. He wrote, “Mike Harmon still looking for dually/hauler w/race car; Harmon said security camera showed it was taken from Ga hotel parking lot few min before 6am Sun. Rick Ware loaning rig for Dover, Johnny Davis helping w/parts MHR planned to transfer to Dover cars. Thankful for support.”

Will the NASCAR Xfinity team get their car back?

The Xfinity team confirmed that they are working closely with the Kingsland Police Department on the situation. Sadly, the police have yet to release any statement or update. This spells bad news for the likes of Kyle Weatherman, who drives the missing #47 car.

Prior to the theft, both MHR entries scored top-20 finishes at the Daytona International Speedway Road Course. In fact, Bayley Currey finished 14th in the No. 74 car while Weatherman ended the race in 17th, in the No. 47 entry.

The next race is at the Dover International Speedway, and the team is racing against time to find the MIA car and trailer. Hopefully, they have a backup car for Weatherman to race while his original car is being tracked.

Luckily, the NASCAR Xfinity community has rallied together to help the stricken team. Some of them have allowed the team to borrow a rig to haul the car, while others are helping supply parts. This just goes to show how closely-knit the racing community is. At a time like this, rivalries are thrown out of the window and replaced with camaraderie.

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