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Ryan Blaney's outrage—Is NASCAR's decision-making hurting the sport more than helping it?

In NASCAR, “hooking” refers to intentionally causing another driver’s car to spin out by making contact with their rear bumper, typically at a rear corner. This can be dangerous and is generally frowned upon, as it can lead to crashes and potential injuries. One of the most recent hooking incidents took place between Carson Hocevar and Harrison Burton at the race in Nashville, and not many are happy with the result.
Adding to the likes of Denny Hamlin and Dale Jr, Ryan Blaney also did not like Hocevar’s maneuver, and he took it to X. In the tweet by Dustin Long, Ryan Blaney is criticizing Carson Hocevar for an incident where Hocevar hooked Harrison Burton in Nashville.

With 58 laps to go in the Ally 400, things heated up between Carson Hocevar and Harrison Burton. During a caution caused by Brad Keselowski’s crash in Turn 2, Hocevar hooked Burton in the right rear, sending him spinning down the backstretch. Interestingly, they had both cleared the crash scene when Hocevar drove up to the rear of Burton’s No. 21 Wood Brothers Racing Ford Mustang and made contact.

Luckily, Burton didn’t hit the wall or collide with another driver, but he still ended up finishing 28th. Meanwhile, Hocevar and the No. 77 Spire Motorsports team managed to finish 16th. Despite not being penalized during the race, Hocevar faced consequences later, losing $50,000 and 25 driver points. NASCAR cited sections 4.4B of the Rule Book, specifically the NASCAR Member Code of Conduct Penalty Options and Guidelines.

Blaney expresses his concerns, as he has observed similar behavior from Hocevar in other racing series, indicating a pattern of aggressive and potentially unsafe driving.
“That’s something I’ve seen too many times out of that guy from different series,” said Blaney. As he shared his two cents on Hocevar’s driving, the NASCAR community on Reddit came together to support the icon.
The Reddit post started getting flooded with comments, with fans supporting Blaney’s stance as many of them were unhappy about the reckless driving.

“Poor judgment,” fans clearly unhappy with Carson Hocevar

One commenter expressed their frustration that Carson Hocevar’s questionable actions have not been adequately addressed by NASCAR or the community. They imply that other drivers, like Austin Hill or Ty Gibbs, would face more severe criticism or consequences for similar behavior.

The comment read, “About time. Somebody needs to say something about Hocevar. He’s shown very poor judgment many times in the past few years, yet he seems to get a complete pass by NASCAR in the majority of this sub. Imagine if it were Austin Hill or Ty Gibbs still doing this; people would be up in arms.”

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Another user acknowledges Hocevar’s talent but criticizes his poor judgment and actions, suggesting that he is wasting his potential by engaging in reckless behavior. In the comment, the fan said, “Carson needs to clean up his act. He’s too damn talented to be doing that stupid sh*t.”

One of the comments read, “Carson should’ve been parked, sent straight to the hauler, and got his ass chewed out.” This fan believes Hocevar deserved an immediate and harsh punishment for his actions, including being taken out of the race and reprimanded by officials.

This Reddit user is calling for a penalty for rough driving, suggesting Hocevar should be forced to sit out for a couple of laps as a consequence.  The comment read, “Dude should be parked for 2 laps for rough driving.

“Rookie sure is doing a good job earning everyone’s respect!” said one witty fan. This comment is sarcastic, implying that Hocevar, as a rookie, is failing to earn respect due to his actions on the track.

Considering all of that, do you think that Carson Hocevar deserves the criticism coming his way?