“Sounds Like My Aunt’s Cobalt”- Feuding Fans Debate Over the NASCAR’s Next-Gen Car’s Sound

Published 11/12/2023, 5:06 AM EST

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What’s a NASCAR race without the thrilling vroom of the engines? Ask an enthusiast and they’ll give you a detailed list of why these sounds matter big time. So much is the significance of an engine sound that even Redditors engage in whole conversations about it, lasting multiple threads.

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Nevertheless, the roar made by an engine is enough to make any motorsport enthusiast tremble in excitement. What if a fan came to know a shocking revelation about the legendary Carl Yarborough, that could potentially make them wheel their head in utter astonishment? Needless to say, this shocking fact is closely related to car noises.

Dale Earnhardt Jr shares hilarious tidbit on NASCAR veteran


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How often have we seen a kid play with his toy car and make motor engine noises to get that thrill of racing? This is pretty normal, isn’t it? Some of us would even find it cute! But what happens when a grown adult starts replicating the same? It becomes funny and perplexed for sure, doesn’t it?

But it did happen. In a tweet, Dale Earnhardt Jr hilariously revealed, “Cale Yarborough made engine nosies (noises) when he raced in @NASCAR. Yes, like a kid might do with his matchbox cars. I don’t know what to do with this information.”


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And attached to the tweet was a funny GIF that aptly showcased the appropriate reaction to such head scratching information!

The legendary driver in question, Cale Yarborough amassed a total of 83 victories in his career spanning over three decades. His 69 poles rank third of all time. Besides that, he also won the Daytona 500 four times, trailing Richard Petty, who won the accolade a staggering 7 times. If one hears a driver of his stature making engine noises, and that too, while driving a stock car, it is bound to seem almost unbelievable. Talking about engine noises, there was another debate going on, not too far away!

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The racing fandom was divided when a debate erupted over which generation of cars made the coolest noise.

‘Aunt’s cobalt with a misfire’ – The racing community’s hilarious take on the next-gen stock cars

Someone posed a question on Reddit that read, “Personally, I think the Nextgen sounds like my aunt’s Cobalt with a misfire. I find myself appreciating the Xfinity and Truck races more now because they sound like proper stock cars. Curious as to what the common consensus is.”

The common consensus was too funny for anyone to go through. Some of them were drawn from solid facts, while others were on laughable comparisons.

Someone said, “Next Gen doesn’t sound good on tv, but in person they sound badass. Personally prefer Gen 4 sounds though”

On that note, another said, “2014 Cup cars sounded incredible”

Someone joked, saying, “The next gen sounds like a wet fart in qualifying and single car runs.”


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But most felt like the real noise of the next-gen cars didn’t come through properly on television. A fan wrote, “In person a pack of Next Gen cars sound like an angry fleet of WW2 planes. Absolutely bad ass, the sound doesn’t translate to TV too well though.”

“Next Gen sounds freaking awesome,” added another.

Meanwhile, another motorsport enthusiast posited the Cup cars on a higher pedestal than the Xfinity cars and the Trucks and commented, “It’s higher horsepower with a shorter exhaust than both trucks and Xfinity, so it’s a lot more raw and throaty than either.”


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Which generation of car, do you think, makes the best noise? Do let us know!

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