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Sponsorship deals are as crucial for the teams as they are for the drivers. These partnerships not only provide financial support but also play a significant role in branding and exposure.

One of the biggest sponsors with a long-standing relationship with NASCAR is Anheuser-Busch (A-B), the beer giant with a net worth of a whopping $110 Billion. A-B has a long history of supporting drivers, events, and the sport itself. The rumors of a potential switch in loyalties have been confirmed now, as the beverage maker gave out a teaser on social media, leaving fans and industry insiders buzzing with speculation.

$110-Billion sponsor teases new sponsorship deal


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The latest teaser that sparked these speculations came from Busch Beer, one of NASCAR’s premier partners. In a tweet, Busch Beer hinted at some significant news rolling in soon. With the tweet reading, “We’ve got some big news rolling in tomorrow 🍉,” fans were quick to speculate on the potential implications for the future of the sponsorship that belonged to Stewart Haas Racing‘s Kevin Harvick.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Anheuser-Busch had been engaged in conversations with NASCAR teams about its plans for next year, especially after Kevin Harvick’s impending retirement. Harvick, a seasoned driver, is set to join the Fox Sports broadcast booth full-time after this season, leaving his current team, Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR), and its sponsors pondering their future strategies related to the No. 4 Ford he drives.

Insiders close to the situation had already identified Trackhouse Racing and its star driver Ross Chastain as the likely favourites to partner with A-B next year. Sources suggested that both parties have been engaged in deep discussions, making Trackhouse Racing and Chastain a potential landing spot for the brewing giant’s business.

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Fans go wild after watching A-B’s teaser for a sponsorship deal with Ross Chastain

The news of a possible sponsorship with Ross Chastain has ignited a range of reactions from fans. One fan humorously commented, “It would be funny if it’s not a Ross Chastain announcement. Instead, it’s a watermelon flavor beer for next year’s fruit flavor beer replacing peach.” Another fan expressed mixed emotions, saying, “I am a little sad to see SHR lose them as a sponsor, BUT I can’t wait to see the absolute banger paint schemes Trackhouse produces.”

The timing of this news also raised eyebrows, with a fan remarking, “Probably not the news SHR wanted to hear on the date of their 15th anniversary.” 


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Some fans also mocked the brand mentioning that Kyle Busch would have been a better choice for the organization and sponsorship.


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As the NASCAR community eagerly awaits an official announcement from Anheuser-Busch, the potential switch in sponsorships adds an exciting layer of speculation and anticipation to the evolving landscape of the sport

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