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Stewards Announce Their Decision on the Bizarre Kyle Busch-Chase Elliott Incident

Stewards Announce Their Decision on the Bizarre Kyle Busch-Chase Elliott Incident

Chase Elliott

Wednesday night’s race at Darlington was cut short by a downpour, yet not before Chase Elliott and Kyle Busch caused a little dispute.

NASCAR drivers have the absolute best beef in the entirety of sports. Theirs is the main game where accomplishing something incorrectly can without much of a stretch get somebody executed. So it’s normal to see drivers hold feelings of resentment against each other, or only straight-up battle. All things considered, NASCAR is back, as is the beef.

With 28 laps to go, Elliott was running second behind inevitable victor Denny Hamlin. Busch attempted to sneak in behind Elliott yet crashed into his back tire and sent Elliott lurching into the divider.

An angry Elliott would not be looked at by doctors until he could give Busch the finger as he came around the track once more.

Busch perceived that he had failed, saying after the race that he “committed an error and just misjudged the gap” among Elliott and the vehicle behind him. Busch talked with Elliott’s team, and it didn’t seem like his statement of regret was normal.

He said, “They’re upset. They’re mad,” “I’m not just gonna fix it and we’re gonna go have ice cream tomorrow. Obviously they’re gonna have to dwell on it and the repercussions I’m sure I’m gonna have later on down the road.”

Chase Elliott could have won the race

Elliott had a genuine possibility of winning the race, a possibility made considerably more noteworthy by the climate. Elliott’s disaster area drew out an alert banner, and keeping in mind that the race was all the while running under alert, a downpour started. When the skies opened up, the race was called.

Hamlin, in the meantime was saved by the climate. His tires were getting worn out and his pit team needed more new ones remaining to give him an entirely different set, so they were attempting to stick some old ones back together.

NASCAR will take no further action on the incident

NASCAR journalist confirms that no action will be taken against Elliott. He could have been charged with violating multiple disciplinary codes.

Official will not take any action but the beef continue. We will see whether there are any firecrackers when Elliott and Busch get back on the track. This Saturday they will be back in Charlotte at the Coca-Cola 600.

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