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Team Penske and Brad Keselowski to Sign a Contract Extension Soon: Reports

Team Penske and Brad Keselowski to Sign a Contract Extension Soon: Reports

Brad Keselowski

According to recent reports, NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski will soon sign a contract extension with his current team. The recent strong performance puts Brad in a stronger position to negotiate for a better deal with Team Penske.

Brad’s current contract with Team Penske expires at the end of 2020. And he wasn’t offered an extension earlier when his teammate Ryan Blaney was offered a long term deal. However, after NASCAR returned from the COVID-19 lockdown, the driver had a spree of strong shows on the track.

NASCAR journalist Adam Stern reports that Roger Penske will offer Brad an extension in the coming days. He reveals in a tweet. He said, Brad @Keselowski has still not received a contract extension offer from @Team_Penske as of late last week, per source.”

After that, he adds, “However, some people close to the team think that the sides could still eventually strike a deal. Though Roger Penske may try to negotiate new terms first.”

After winning the Coca Cola 500, Keselowski stated that his future at the team is uncertain. As no talks of extension were on the table at that time. After that, Team Penske boss said in an interview, “We certainly want to work something out with Brad, that’s meaningful for him and meaningful for us”

Hendrick Motorsports might poach Brad Keselowski

Earlier it was revealed that Hendrick is interested in Brad as a replacement for the outgoing star Jimmie Johnson.

In an old interview, Keselowski said that at that time he isn’t in talks with anyone for a seat. But if anything is offered to him he will surely consider. He said, “I’m not dialing out, yet on the off chance that somebody dials in, I will absolutely tune in, without a doubt.”

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