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Celebrity couples are often seen sharing pictures of their babies on their social media handles. Samantha Busch is no different. Wife of NASCAR legend Kyle Busch, Samantha also loves sharing pictures of their kids on her Instagram profile. This time, it was daughter Lennix Key Busch who appeared on Samantha’s Instagram feed. Sharing her daughter’s picture, Samantha wrote, “Caption this.” Fans took it seriously. 

There was a chain of comments on that post, with fans suggesting hilarious captions. Imagine Samantha sitting back on her couch, opening her Instagram to find so many cute comments appearing on her baby’s pictures. She would have laughed out loud, and why not? Some of those comments were so funny. Let’s have a look and see how fans reacted to this sweet “caption this” game by Samantha Busch. 

Fans suggested funny captions to Lennix Key Busch’s picture, shared by mom Samantha


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It isn’t less than a chain of joy that you will get scrolling through the comment section of this post. It’s just amazing how lovely and, yes, sarcastic captions fans have given to this post. 

One comment said, “They Say What About My Dad?!”. If she had been able to speak well, that’s how she would have reacted when someone said a surprising thing about her dad, Kyle Busch. 

“Another race day uggh”, said another fan. Well, being a daughter of a NASCAR legend who just loves to be on the tracks, this is the most apt comment. 

“Don’t you dare post this when I’m a teenager or I will block you!” another fan, reflecting the exact thought process of the GenZ kid. But guess what, Lennix, mumma Samantha has already posted it, and you aren’t a teen, so you are kinda lucky. 

It would have been extra hilarious if Samantha had posted this picture when Lennix became a teen. A fan went forward, comparing her looks with dad Kyle Busch, stating, “Sassy, like Daddy!🤣❤”. She sure is sassy, just like her father on the tracks. 

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Kyle Busch and Samantha are parents of two lovely kids, a son, and a daughter. But only a few fans know that the couple went through a lot before giving birth to their first kid, i.e., Brexton Locke Busch. 

The Bundle of Joy fund, a foundation by Kyle Busch and Samantha, was discovered to help couples overcome the situation once the Busch couple went through. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Busch couple started the “Bundle of Joy fund” to support couples with infertility issues


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For any couple, the biggest moment of their life is when they get to hear these words, “we are pregnant.” Something similar happened with the NASCAR Champion Kyle Busch when he heard those words from his wife, Samantha. 

It was a special moment for the couple because Samantha had infertility issues, which limited her chances of giving birth. After hearing the news of their first pregnancy in 2018, The couple started dreaming of a happy family. But life had other plans for them. Samantha had a miscarriage that year. 

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It was surely one of the most difficult phases for the couple. They were going through mental, emotional, and physical struggles, because of which Kyle’s game on track was also affected. Out of the 26 races that he drove that year in NASCAR Cup Series, he won only 8. 


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Compared to his earlier performances, the fertility struggles affected her game a lot. But then, when Samantha gave birth to Brexton, the couple decided to help others suffering from the same situation. And that’s how the “Bundle of Joy fund” foundation came into existence. 

Even though Samantha started this “caption this” game, she would not have thought that this game would take such hilarious routes. It’s just so amazing watching fans showing so much love to the Busch kids. And, well, these kids are the legacy holders. The legacy Kyle Busch has established, these kids have a great responsibility to carry it forward. 


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But there’s time for that. Till then, let them enjoy their childhood, and we enjoy watching their dad, Kyle Busch perform in the NASCAR Cup series. Did you watch the qualifying match? 

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