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“This Is as Cold as It Gets”- Danica Patrick’s Insensitive Dig at Martin Truex Jr Upon Ex-Girlfriend’s Tragic Demise Angers NASCAR World

Published 09/18/2023, 5:58 PM EDT

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It is no secret that Danica Patrick has witnessed some controversial moments on and off the track in her career. Post-retirement, things quite haven’t really changed for her. In fact, this time around, she has been involved in making some questionable comments with regard to Martin Truex Jr and his former girlfriend, Sherry Pollex.

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Regardless of the situation, Patrick is known to be an outspoken character. While that hasn’t helped her cause more often than not, it certainly seems to have backfired as she tried to criticize Truex Jr.

Danica Patrick slams Martin Truex Jr following the death of her ex-girlfriend Sherry Pollex


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Following the race at Bristol Motor Speedway, Martin Truex Jr was fortunate to have frozen his place in the Round of 12. However, he and the NASCAR world were dealt with a devastating piece of news as the passing away of Sherry Pollex came to light on Sunday.

Since 2014, Pollex battled ovarian cancer with her third recurrence beginning in 2021. She and Truex Jr dated for a long period before the couple broke up early this year. Pollex started the Martin Truex Jr Foundation in 2007, which later focused on underfunded cancer initiatives specific to childhood and ovarian cancers.


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After being together for almost 18 years, the couple made their separation public in January 2023. Having said that, the news of Pollex’s demise was a shock to Truex Jr. In fact, the #19 driver shared a heartfelt message in memory of his ex-girlfriend.

However, former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick didn’t think of it in that fashion. While she admitted to not liking Truex Jr, she was quite vocal about how the 2017 Cup Series champion went about his condolence. Surprisingly, she took to her Instagram story to express her disgust with the Joe Gibbs Racing driver.


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Patrick’s story read, “This is the most insensitive disconnected statement from a guy that I have never liked. I don’t care what happened between them but this is as cold as it gets. A PR rep wrote this guaranteed. You’re free from this now Sherry.”

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While her claims could be more than questionable, the fans surely didn’t like what Patrick had to say.

Danica Patrick faces the fans’ brunt as she criticizes Martin Truex Jr for being insensitive

In all honesty, Danica Patrick wasn’t really a fan favorite during her racing days. Arguably, it only got worse after her retirement as he ventured into different activities. While that did not stop her from expressing herself, her acts have backfired more often than not.

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While speaking about the demise of Sherry Pollex, her criticism of Martin Truex Jr looked rather uncalled for. Naturally, the fans wasted no time in bashing her on social media, as they expressed it quite creatively.

“Seriously, f**k off @DanicaPatrick.”

“The statement by Danica Patrick on her IG story is disgusting, classless, and a complete lack of awareness. Be better @DanicaPatrick”

“Danica Patrick is disgusting. “

“Get this person off of television and away from racing. She isn’t a good person.”

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“Well, Danica Patrick just nuked her career.”

“Danica Patrick is a terrible driver, a shitty human and NASCAR is better without her in it”

“I know the background of Martin and Sherry, but this seems like a weird criticism to make and an improper time to make it.”


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The fans seemed quite triggered with their comments. Certainly, Patrick could have been more subtle with her approach. Was she right to express the way she did? What did you make of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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