“This Is Gold Kesleepski”- Joey Logano Couldn’t Resist What Bubba Wallace, Chris Buescher Held Off as Brad Keselowski’s Private Moment Exposed

Published 08/31/2023, 7:46 PM EDT

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Following the Daytona regular-season finale, the NASCAR fervor shifted to Darlington. With 16 playoffs on the horizon, the anticipation was preceded by a grueling media day for the drivers. Amidst the tireless preparations, high-spirited antics took center stage. Once again, the spotlight found its place on the fan favorite and pillar of the RFK camp, Brad Keselowski. It appears that even off the track, Brad remains an inexhaustible source of attention-grabbing news.

As the media day extravaganza continued, drivers’ social media handles flooded in, with Keselowski continuing to shine in the limelight as fans united in hearty laughter.

Bubba Wallace’s lens and Brad Keselowski’s nap


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Media Day transformed into a stage for yet another shenanigan, all sparked by an unexpected encounter between Chris Buescher and his slumbering team boss, Brad Keselowski, in a deserted corridor. The video posted on Instagram and Twitter saw Buescher seize the opportunity to inject some amusement into the day, gleefully acting as if he were pouring water from his bottle onto the unsuspecting Keselowski.

As drivers filtered through, tending to their media duties, they couldn’t resist joining the spectacle surrounding NASCAR’s sleeping boy. Bubba Wallace entered the fray next, trading his racing accolades for a crash course in photography. Armed with a camera, he orchestrated an impromptu photoshoot, capturing Brad in a serene slumber. Even RFK Racing’s post on Instagram caption also read, “brad naplowski“, featuring Brad taking a nap during the playoff media day.


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The resulting black and white snapshots exuded editorial flair, prompting fans to jestingly inquire, “Ask Brad when his mixtape is dropping lmao” and  “Sell these as luxury prints.” Wallace shared a video of his escapade on social media, captioning it, “Caught a wild @keselowski in his natural habitat at media day.”

Joey Logano, NASCAR’s reigning champion, couldn’t resist adding his comedic touch. His antics roused Brad from his sleep, culminating in a video with Logano’s hearty laughter before he returned to his duties. It’s as if the arduous efforts and sleepless nights Brad invested in RFK’s resurgence over the past two seasons, along with the recent 1-2 finish for RFK at Daytona, were finally exacting their toll.

Or perhaps it’s the exhaustion from Brad’s Daytona backstretch dance, where Brad was busy doing donuts without the cool factor”. Whatever the cause, fans reveled in the amusement, flooding the comments with a cascade of humorous quips.

Turning playoffs Media Day into a meme showcase


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Fans were relentless in playfully ribbing Keselowski after his amusing media day slumber. They joked about his recent Daytona antics, with comments like “All them extra circles on Daytona backstretch” and “All those circles last weekend made him extra tired. This is amazing.”

Some suggested that Bubba Wallace should have snapped a selfie with the snoozing Brad, Bubba should’ve taken a selfie with Brad, this is gold,” and others found the situation hilarious, stating, “The fact that it became a ‘full-blown photoshoot’ makes it a lot funnier.”


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His new nickname Keselsleepski caught on, sparking the launch of humorous memes. A fan commented on Bubba’s Instagram post.

Fans even jokingly proposed that the incident was deserving of a Pulitzer Prize, This is Pulitzer worthy!” The episode was captured perfectly with the phrase “caught in 4k,” capturing the moment in all its comical glory.

Of course, Logano didn’t escape the playful banter either. Fans humorously remarked, “Joey really thought about it for a minute, too much pent-up frustrations haha,” highlighting his involvement in the antics. They teasingly mentioned, “Yeah, that sounds like something Joey would do.” The consensus was lighthearted, with a laughing emoji accompanying the comment, “Of course it was Joey.”


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As we approach another race weekend, the lead-up to Sunday appears to be filled with lighthearted moments. While the unexpected spectacle of a slumbering Brad Keselowski wasn’t initially on the media day agenda, it’s clear that the anticipation is running high for what Darlington has in store.


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