Tony Stewart Reveals “The Sketchiest Thing” He Has Ever Done, and Why He Still Does It

Published 03/14/2023, 5:15 PM EDT

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Having driven everything from NASCAR Whelen Modified and Midgets to Silver Crown and IndyCar, Tony Stewart is as versatile a racer as one can find. Plus Stewart’s involvement in the NHRA has brought renewed attention to the sport, and he has quickly become a fan favorite. At a recent NHRA race, he was seen signing autographs and interacting with fans, with lines forming at his T-shirt trailer.

And he is getting enough support not just from the fans, but his wife, Leah Pruett, who is an accomplished drag racer herself. His growing interest in NHRA has even led him to try his hand at the top tier of drag racing.

Tony Stewart takes on Top Fuel Racing


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Tony Stewart recently appeared on “Bubba the Love Sponge Show.” One of the co-hosts talked about his exploits in various formats of racing and mentioning Top Fuel, said, “But it is completely the most sketchiest thing that you could ever think about and now you’re doing it… so give us your rendition of it.”

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The three-time Cup Series champion agreed that the “sketchiest thing” he has ever done is to drive a Top Fuel car. He said, “I’d never drove anything over a thousand horsepower and that was in 96′ in Indy cars at the Indy 500 so, you know, then to get an opportunity to test with Leah’s Top Fuel car.

“The more laps I made in that car the more I realized this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

“I mean this car is way faster than I am and what I mean by that is […] the acceleration is incredible on these things. The hardest part of driving is getting your brain to process the information as fast as it’s happening.”


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Despite the danger and challenge, Stewart finds the thrill of driving a Top Fuel car irresistible. Add to it the satisfaction that comes with owning a team full of exceptional drivers who are outperforming other established names in the sport. In a recent NHRA race, he celebrated his driver Matt Hagan’s win in the Funny Car finale.

Tony Stewart Racing has tasted success early in the season


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Tony Stewart’s success as a team owner in the NHRA has also been noteworthy. In the recent NHRA season opener, his driver Matt Hagan won the Funny Car finale at the Gatornationals, giving TSR a strong start to the season. Despite Stewart’s own struggles on the track during the first two weekends of the season, his success as a team owner is a testament to his skill and passion for motorsports.

Talking about Tony’s rising popularity in the sport, Hagan was reported by NBC Sports as saying, “He’s great for the sport and now he’s involved in driving, so he’s really bitten by the bug. You don’t get a golden goose very often, you know what I mean? You got to support it.”


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Tony Stewart’s involvement in the NHRA has brought renewed attention to the sport and has made him a fan favorite. His willingness to take on the “sketchiest thing” he has ever done, driving a Top Fuel car, has only added to his reputation as a risk-taker and a true racing enthusiast. As he continues to compete and win in the NHRA, it’s clear that Stewart is still driven by the same passion for racing that has defined his career.

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