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The world of motorsports is known for its high stakes, intense competition, and unforgiving nature. It demands not only physical prowess but also mental strength and resilience. Be it the seven times NASCAR Cup champion, Jimmie Johnson, or someone who has just entered the sport, having a good support system off-track is important for all.

Recently, Stewart Haas Racing driver, Chase Briscoe, opened up about the difficulties he has faced during a rough patch in his career. In a candid interview, Briscoe compared himself to the legendary Jimmie Johnson, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest NASCAR drivers of all time and faced a steep decline in his career following his 7 cup championships that earned him the nickname, “Seven-Time” and highlighted the challenges of navigating the mental grind of racing every week.

Briscoe on the importance of family and faith


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When asked about how he handles the mental grind of racing every week, Chase Briscoe did not sugarcoat the difficulties he has encountered. The TSR driver openly expressed that the past two to three months have been the hardest period of his racing career, “It’s hard. Truthfully, these past two to three months have probably been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to experience in my career just with the struggles on the racetrack.”

Briscoe also acknowledged the importance of having a support system in place during these tough times. He credited his family, close friends, and people who believe in him as he said, “I think that’s where you just have to stay grounded and have a support system behind you with me and my family and close friends and people that believe in me.” 

Additionally, Briscoe highlighted the significance of having faith in oneself, stating, “But also your faith. I think you have to be really grounded in that and realize that your meaning is not where you finish on Sunday, so it’s definitely a challenge. When things are going good it’s not as big of a challenge, but when you’re running grind I feel like that grind is 10 times worse and 10 times harder to deal with.”

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Chase Briscoe draws a parallel to Jimmie Johnson, admitting struggles of the sport

Chase Briscoe acknowledged the inherent difficulties of the sport and the challenges associated with enduring a rough patch. He stated, “I feel like this sport is really hard. Your stock is always kind of based on the week before and a couple of weeks before.”


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He further drew a parallel to Jimmie Johnson, the seven-time NASCAR champion, as he stated that even the most successful drivers can face struggles. He remarked, “You look at Jimmie Johnson, a guy that won seven championships, and at the end of his career, he struggled, and people questioned if it was him. Jimmie Johnson didn’t forget how to drive a race car.”

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To conclude, Briscoe said, “I’ve just got to remember why I’m here and how I got here and just try to stay confident in that.”


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Chase Briscoe’s interview sheds light on the immense challenges faced by professional racing drivers. His candid admission about the hardships he has experienced as a Ford driver echoes the sentiments of many other athletes in the sport. Briscoe’s words remind us that the mental grind of racing can be overwhelming, particularly during difficult periods.

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