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Chase Elliott might not have made it into the driver’s championship this year, but that does not change the fact that he is still an extremely popular NASCAR Cup Series driver, if not the most. And for good reason. Take, for example, the Chase Elliott chicken tenders. As of today, a total of 196 out of the 400 Hooters restaurants serve these fried chicken tenders through DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

The 2018-2021 Most Popular Driver has 18 Cup Series wins, with a victory in the All-Star race at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2020. Besides all of the above, he has a championship title to his name. Hence, Chase Elliott’s bag of success is heavier than most other full-time Cup drivers.
On that note, fans have had for a long time, pondered over one burning question about the Dawsonville native.

Retired NASCAR veteran launched a personal question at the HMS sensation


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At Trackside Live at Bristol Motor Speedway, Kenny Wallace and FOX Sports journalist John Roberts interviewed Chase Elliott. And during that interview, Kenny Wallace decided to ask Elliott a pertinent question.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Chase Elliott is worth $12 million. According to Spotrac, his base salary before the 2022 season was around $8 million. Plus, he is good-looking and is the front face of the winningest team in NASCAR. Considering all of his prospects, Kenny Wallace might have had enough reasons to be curious.

With the intention of making it a viral moment for Chase Elliott fans, Kenny Wallace declared that the question he was about to ask was quite controversial. A reporter added, “It will be on social media in 20 seconds.”

“Do you think you’re ever gonna get married?” asked Wallace.

The 2020 Cup Series champion laughed along with everyone else on the grid. However, Kenny did not. It seemed like he really wanted to know. Chase replied, “Is this a controversy? I didn’t know that!”

Needless to say, Elliott’s answer made the crowd go berserk. He declared, “I’m not against it by any means, but I also think, what’s the rush?

Chase explained that if he finds the right one at the right time, he will certainly get married. However, he felt like he was too young to tie the knot. While fans might demand their favorite driver to get married ASAP, Chase Elliott argued, “I’m not even 30,”

Watch This Story: Speculations Hit the Roof About Chase Elliott Reportedly Dating This 20-Year-Old Famous Gymnast

So does that mean Chase Elliott has still not found the right one? Maybe, maybe not. But it didn’t take time for the fans to speculate on his relationship with a beautiful gymnast earlier this year.

Chase Elliott deleted his tweet featuring his rumored girlfriend

During the Ally 400, NASCAR invited LSU and former U.S. national team gymnast Olivia Dunne, the highest-valued women’s college athlete of 2022 for the Cup Series race at Nashville Superspeedway.

It is not unnatural for the guests to click pictures with the drivers of the race and post them on social media. Olivia Sunne did the same, and so did Chase Elliott. However, it made fans build a story out of thin air.


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Many started spreading the apparent word about the two dating. Surprisingly, Chase Elliott, or someone on his social media team, deleted the tweet just the next day.


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Can this be the reason Kenny Wallace called his question controversial? Probably not.

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