USA Today via Reuters

USA Today via Reuters

Commercials, commentary, camera angles, and drivers’ cartoons! These are just a few points fans have criticized Fox Sports for in the NASCAR Cup Series this season. Veterans like Mike Joy and Clint Bowyer have been criticized for messing up the names of the drivers as well as on-track calls and happenings.

On the other hand, the camera work has been lousy according to many fans, calling out their zoom-in-zoom-out tactics, often fueled by the desire to over-dramatize things on track. They have also been criticized for missing out on capturing important moments due to poor camera handling.

Another thing not sinking well with the motorsports fans is the cartoon/ animated graphic depiction of the drivers. While they do not resemble the entity much, they also don’t actually pass to be the best quality graphical representation ever.


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As a result, with coverage shifting to NBC Sports after the race in Sonoma, most fans have welcomed the change. However, there is one anomaly that they couldn’t help but point out. While Fox Sports had cartoon graphics depicting the drivers, NBC Sports has been using outdated driver images, prompting hilarious reactions from fans.

Fans react to Brad Keselowski’s expression

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Always lock the port-a-potty door! It’s a lesson Brad Keselowski learned the hard way when Denny Hamlin walked in on him last year. While a similar situation didn’t occur again, fans have certainly not forgotten about the incident. They made funny remarks regarding Brad’s expression in a photo released by NBC Sport. Unlike Fox Sports’ cartoon graphics, NBC has been using driver images when showcasing the grid positions of the racers, many of which look outdated and downright awkward.

The NASCAR community on Reddit started a thread about NBC needing to consider photo reshoots for the drivers, prompting one fan to write, “Brad looks like you just walked in on him in the port a potty.” As expected, a fan replied to his comment with, “Denny Hamlin has opened the door”, revisiting the incident involving the pair in Atlanta last year.

Another fan criticized how NBC’s photos looked, expressing his preference for Fox Sports’ cartoon graphics. The Reddit user wrote, “Personally I think these photos are horrible and I think the cartoons make these goobers look cooler.”



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Despite agreeing that NBC’s driver photos could be better, a Reddit user expressed a very contrasting opinion to those preferring Fox’s cartoon graphics. The user wrote, “I have to agree. But really any photo of a driver is better than those Fox superhero cartoon faces.” Several fans in the NASCAR Community have criticized Fox Sports’ coverage of the NASCAR Cup Series. However, a fan countered all the arguments by saying that NBC Sport hasn’t fared much better.

The Reddit user wrote, “NBC is barely better than Fox if at all. (Exception is Burton, he kills it every week) It’s all stupid NASCAR community group think. Everyone piling on to feel part of the cool group. Especially the multiple times I’ve read comments like NBC audio is so clean and crisp! Are you listening via your tv speakers? Why has Fox won the Emmy for sports audio like 20 of the last 22 years?”


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While various fans have been happy about FOX’s stint for calling races being over, the ending of a show that was broadcast on FOX has saddened fans deeply.

What are your thoughts about NBC’s NASCAR coverage? Let us know in the comments!