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Watch: 12 Years Ago Today Tony Stewart Delivered His Iconic Speech After Beating Carl Edwards for the Championship

Published 11/20/2023, 10:08 PM EST

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The high-octane world of NASCAR witnessed a momentous event on November 20, 2011. This event will be remembered in NASCAR’s records forever. The championship race, a face-off between two biggies of the track, Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards, ended in an out-of-the-ordinary tie. The tiebreaker, nonetheless, titled the scales in favor of Stewart and added another feather to his glorious hat.

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The event was a testimony of Stewart’s tenacity and his unwavering spirit to win. In a recent tweet, it is seen that Stewart himself made an intriguing statement in his iconic speech after beating Carl Edwards, which itself proved the intensity and commendable spirit of the competition.

Tony Stewart’s iconic speech radiated his intensified determination toward the sport


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The championship was an excitable event, with Stewart and Edwards battling it out on the track. The race culminated in a tie, with both drivers ending the season at 2,403 points. However, Stewarts’ five wins over Edwards’ sole victory served as the tiebreaker, making him champion for the third time.

In his iconic speech post-win, Stewart made it clear that the championship wasn’t about friendships but a war, a battle for the National Championship. He said: “I’ll wreck your mom to win a championship. I respect him as a driver. But this is, uh, this isn’t about friendships this weekend. This is a war. This is a battle m, this is for a national championship.”


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He further reflected on the moments during the race where he made strategic moves and took risks to gain the lead. He said: “So uh, in the gas board here though Stewart to the bottom. Wow, that is a breakdown. Yes, it is. As long as we go back. Stuart to the bottom wide for the race lead Maybe four is the 99 comes down. The back is straight away here. Kyle Washington, not giving in. try to keep peace.” 

He further acknowledged the incredible performances of other competitors, by saying: “Stewart and Edwards. The first and second winner kept the championship incredible run I’ve ever seen Alvarez has done in this case and tonight. Yeah, I think you think it’s the best driving I’ve ever seen in Carl Edwards. An incredible job too But this is the man right here. Tony Stewart. 2002, he was the champion of those driving for someone else this time. He is an older driver and he should be calling to become a three-time. NASCAR swift-off champion Tony Stewart wins in now. We got it we got it.”. However, his words echoed his unshakeable determination and focus on the championship. 

Stewart’s legacy and current endeavors are beyond the racing track


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The intensity of the 2011 championship race followed by Stewart’s iconic speech marked a significant moment in his racing career. However, his journey did not end at the finish line. Post his retirement from professional racing, the 52-year-old Columbus native continues to make waves in the world of motorsports. From serving a 20-year-long career in NASCAR, he is not just a three-time NASCAR champion but also a team owner and philanthropist.

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Stewart’s recent activities have revolved around his foundation, the Tony Stewart Foundation, which has been influential in raising millions for children and animals. The foundation helps critically ill children, injured racing drivers, and animals. These efforts by the foundation have made a prominent impact, illustrating Stewart’s commitment to giving back to the community.


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Therefore, it can be said that after 12 years still Tony Stewart’s speech from the 2011 NASCAR championship after beating Carl Edwards, continues to resonate showcasing his commitment towards the profession as his words said: “I’ll wreck your mom to win a championship”

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