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Watch: NASCAR Xfinity Driver Pulls Off This Insane Save After Spinning at Talladega

Watch: NASCAR Xfinity Driver Pulls Off This Insane Save After Spinning at Talladega

NASCAR Xfinity

Last week, NASCAR Xfinity driver Michael Self pulled off a save of the century. He was successful in controlling his car after spinning mid-race.

Fox NASCAR posted a video of the miraculous save on Twitter. They write, “Michael Self pulls off one of the greatest saves we’ve ever seen.”

In the video, Michael Self’s car spins after making contact with the number 18 car. Self’s car turns toward the coming traffic and it looked like his race was over. However, he was able to gain control of his car on time and avoid a major incident. He gets away with just a loss of a few spots.


NASCAR Xfinity: Burton Fails to convert his lead into a win again

In the race, Burton was in the front going to the white banner after a restart with four laps to go. However, he was overwhelmed by Kaulig Racing teammates Justin Haley and Ross Chastain. And Burton never got the push he required from Austin Cindric behind him and it left him exposed against the Kaulig Racing attack.

He was running in the top five during the second half of the race. And was leading many laps in the earlier stages. However, he eventually had to settle for the third-place behind Kaulig Racing teammates.

“I went and was waving my hand for (Cindric) and he just wasn’t there,” Burton said. “I was waving him on and he just never got to my bumper. If we would have cleared those guys even more, maybe it would have won us the race. So, I don’t know.”

“Maybe I could have jumped up in front of (Haley) but they had such a head of steam that I would have maybe crashed everybody if I did that.”

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