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Watch: Regular ‘Hub’ Issues Sideline Bubba Wallace in Both the Charlotte Races

Watch: Regular ‘Hub’ Issues Sideline Bubba Wallace in Both the Charlotte Races

Bubba Wallace

Last night, Richard Petty Motorsports driver Darrell Bubba Wallace faced a wheel hub issue and had to quit the race midway. Similarly, he had to quit the Coca-Cola 600 because of wheel hub issues.

Bubba had a race to forget at Charlotte, North Carolina as mechanical issues kept troubling him all night. And the driver was forced to quit after lap 165 of the Alsco Uniforms 500. After the race, he talked about the issue with NBC Sports.

He said, “If it’s bad luck, it’s bad luck. We’ve got to shake it and the best way to do that is to show up to the next race with our heads held high and keep that chip on our shoulder. We’ll get to the root of our problem and continue to bring a fast race car to the track. Like I said, if it’s internally, we’ll fix it. If it’s dumb luck, then you’ll have that. On to the Bristol Motor Speedway.”

After that, he posted a tweet revealing his frustration with the regular mechanical issue. In the tweet, he said, Frustrated. Pissed. All the above. But the clock don’t give a rats ass if you’re having a bad day. That’s why we keep on trucking, See y’all in Bristol”

Bubba was having a strong race and was putting in some good lap times. He was running at P11 with only 60 laps to go before the familiar wheel hub issues started troubling him. After struggling for a few laps the team decided to pit the car and end his race.

Bubba Wallace had similar issues at the Coca-Cola 600

Last week, he faced a similar hub issues during the Coca-cola 600 and had to quit after 164 laps. Coincidently, Hub issues sidelined him again at Charlotte a few days later after running almost the same number of laps.

After the Coca-cola 600, he said, “Well, what a bummer. Tonight wasn’t our night. We burned-up a hub, and it put us way behind. I don’t know if we had other issues going on with the car or what, but it wasn’t worth the risk.”

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