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Watch: Top Darlington Moments Featuring Jimmy Johnson, Dale Jr and More

Watch: Top Darlington Moments Featuring Jimmy Johnson, Dale Jr and More


NASCAR will be back in a few days and we can’t wait to witness history unravel itself in Darlington. This will be the first fanless NASCAR race ever.

Over the years, Darlington got its nicknames ‘The Lady in Black’ and ‘The Track Too Tough to Tame’ because of the unique design. The track has seen a lot of glorious moments over the past 70 years.

To commemorate another milestone at the track NASCAR posted a video of all the past glorious moments of the track. The video is titled, “In this Best of NASCAR YouTube compilation, check out some of the most memorable moments from Darlington Raceway.”

It is of a novel, fairly egg-formed structure, an oval with very bizarre ends. A condition that emerged from the vicinity of one end of the track to a ‘minnow lake’. The owner of the lake refused to move it and track builders had to improvise. This circumstance makes it exceptionally difficult for the teams to set up their vehicles’ handling. It has to be tuned to takle both the two ends effectively.

Additionally, Darlington is also home to the ‘Darlington Raceway Stock Car Museum’. It is an automobile museum focusing on the history of the racetrack, NASCAR and stock car racing.

Darlington will witness NASCAR’s first ‘Fanless’ race

The NASCAR will start up again for a 400-mile (643km) race on Sunday, May 17 at Darlington Raceway in South Carolina, despite the fact that onlookers won’t be permitted at the track.

NASCAR plans to run seven races more than 10 days. The initial three races will be at Darlington. First the Cup series race on May 17, and again on Wednesday May 20. An Xfinity race will run on Tuesday, May 19. On May 24, the race moves to Charlotte Motor Speedway, in North Carolina, for the Coca-Cola 600. Additionally, an Xfinity race on May 25, a truck race on May 26, and Cup race on May 27.

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