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“We Could Go Into a Slump” – After Claiming to Be Ignored by Joe Gibbs, Denny Hamlin Makes Unfortunate Admission About the Team’s State of Urgency Amid Poor Results

Published 05/13/2023, 7:16 AM EDT

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NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin has made headlines recently, not just for his first win of the season at the Kansas Speedway, but also for his comments about feeling ignored by his team owner, Joe Gibbs. Hamlin has been with Joe Gibbs Racing for nearly two decades and has had a successful career with the team, but he has yet to win a Cup Series championship.

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In his recent interview, Denny Hamlin emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities to win in the NASCAR Cup Series. Hamlin’s comment came after he claimed his first win of the 2023 season, ending a nearly year-long winless drought.

Denny Hamlin Stresses the Need to Win After Recent Slump


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Hamlin noted that it is difficult to dominate and win consistently in the Cup Series, and that teams must capitalize on every opportunity to win. This is especially true given the level of competition in the Cup Series, with top teams constantly vying for the top spot.

Talking to SiriusXM NASCAR Radio (Ch. 90), he said, “Me and My Crew Chief talked this week about like that was the first one in a long time that we’ve actually had a chance to race for a win. We’ve been well capable and have plenty enough speed to win but never have gotten a chance to race for a win and so you know absolutely there’s a sense of urgency and it doesn’t mean because I’m quitting next year or the following year.”


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He further added, “It’s just because it’s hard to have weekends when everyone’s cars are so similar, it’s hard to have weekends where you’re dominant. And if you’re dominant then either you are doing something really good as a driver or your team is hit on a setup that’s been really good and it just you don’t know how many times that’s going to happen and you know starting next week we could go into a slump and never win another race again.”


Hamlin’s comment is a reminder of the importance of remaining focused, maintaining a sense of urgency, and seizing opportunities to win in the Cup Series. Drivers and teams must constantly work to improve their performance, hone their skills, and capitalize on every opportunity to win. As he said, “You just don’t know and that’s why you always feel more urgency to get it done when you have the opportunity”

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Denny Hamlin’s Kansas Win and Pit Crew Setback

All drivers share the goal of winning the Cup Series championship at least once in their careers. While some drivers have had the opportunity to secure multiple championships, others have not been so fortunate. Denny Hamlin is one such driver. Despite coming close on numerous occasions, he has always fallen short.

Despite the team’s struggles, Denny Hamlin only recently claimed his first win of the 2023 season at the NASCAR Cup race. With just under 25 laps remaining, Hamlin worked his way around William Byron and set his sights on leader Kyle Larson. On the final lap, Hamlin nudged Larson’s No. 5 Chevrolet in the left rear, which knocked Larson into the wall. Hamlin cleared him by 1.307 seconds to claim the victory.

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This win is significant for Hamlin and Joe Gibbs Racing, as it ends a nearly year-long winless drought. Hamlin’s previous victory came last May in the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.


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However, Hamlin’s recent plea to Joe Gibbs for a better pit crew reveals ongoing frustrations within the team. He said, “I know they’re working hard. I have a really good young group of professional pit crew guys working on my car every week. But they are young, right? And they will take time to really get all the reps they need to be a top top-tier pit crew” 

Despite being a talented driver and having a fast car, Hamlin has not been able to capitalize on his opportunities due to a lack of support from the pit crew. As a result, Hamlin has become increasingly frustrated and feels that he is wasting his last handful of years giving away wins.


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It takes more than just talent and speed to win races and championships; it requires teamwork, strategy, and a bit of luck. Hamlin’s win at the recent NASCAR Cup race is a testament to the resilience and determination of his team. However, there is still work to be done, and the team must remain focused and determined if they are to achieve their ultimate goal of winning a championship.

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