Hendrick Motorsports is home to many successful drivers like William Byron and Kyle Larson, who are doing well in the cup series. But there are also drivers in the same team who are having not-so-good times at the tracks. Alex Bowman is one of them who is having a tough time this cup season. But even though the last two races weren’t great for Bowman, he still managed to become the talk of the town. And he may have done that by jumping on the Threads bandwagon while leaving his fans in utter confusion.

The entry of Alex Bowman on the Threads app led to some confusion. Starting a thread of confusion, Alex Bowman got everyone thinking about what his message meant. Amid all this, to make things more interesting, Hendrick Motorsports joined the conversation and made an intriguing comment that gave a little clarity to fans on Bowman’s message. But the best part about Bowman’s Thread were the fan reactions to Bowman’s Thread. 

Why Was Alex Bowman Fined, and How Much Did It Cost?


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The first-ever Thread of Alex Bowman said, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” So the reason why most people got confused here is that Bowman is talking about getting fined. It’s just a sarcastic message that is referenced to him getting penalties twice this season. But what are those penalties for?

The first penalty wasn’t just given to Alex Bowman’s car but to three other teams of Hendrick Motorsports, Kyle Larson, William Byron, and Josh Berry. Each of the four cars was penalized with 10 playoff points, 100 driver points, and 100 owner points for unapproved modifications for the hood louvers at the Phoenix Raceway. 

Alex Bowman received a second penalty, along with William Byron on the Richmond Raceway, for their cars’ having illegal greenhouse areas during the R&D Center teardown. The Chevrolet driver received both these penalties in a gap of not less than a month. Alex Bowman mentioned these penalties indirectly and sarcastically in his first Thread. To this, we got to see so many fan reactions. But the most interesting one was from his team, Hendrick Motorsports. 

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Hendrick Motorsports Reacted to Alex Bowman Playing Safe on Threads


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Missing out on NASCAR’s rules and regulations has led Alex Bowman to receive penalties twice this season. And guessing from his first Thread, he doesn’t want to miss out on any more things. Well, even though not many understood Bowman’s Thread, his team sure did and made a sarcastic reply on the same.

“We won’t say a word,” said Hendrick Motorsports. 


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Another fan, who was happier about Bowman creating a Thread account than what he posted, said “Hey friends woke up. The funniest NASCAR driver just made a Thread account.” A fan, guessing from his reply, might have understood what Bowman’s hidden message in the Thread was. Thus, he appreciated Bowman’s smartness and said, “Smart man.” He sure is smart, but let’s just hope he gets the opportunity to show his intelligence and driving skills on the tracks this cup of the season.


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Talking about the cup series, the next race, i.e. Quaker State 400, will be at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on the 9th of July. Alex Bowman finished in 37th position at Chicago last weekend. Do you think he will be able to improve his position in the upcoming race?