“We’ll Keep Digging”- Jimmie Johnson Upbeat Despite Another Missed Opportunity

September 20, 2020 10:03 pm

The Bristol Motor Speedway yielded a disappointing campaign for Jimmie Johnson. As it turned out, the NASCAR veteran could only muster a lowly 17th place finish. Naturally, he was absolutely gutted, especially since he got involved in an incident with Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Speaking to his fans on Twitter, he confessed, “Man! Just can’t seem to get any luck our way. Fast car, very competitive. Had to overcome some track position issues a couple of times tonight and still worked our way up to 6th spot.

“Unfortunately, the caution came out after we pitted. Down three laps, went from 6th to 17th, bummer of a night, but we’ll keep digging.”

How did Jimmie Johnson do in the race?

The 7-time NASCAR Cup Champion acknowledged that the 2020 season has been hard on him and the team. However, he will not give up and will not give up on his campaign for victory lane once again.

As far as the incident with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was concerned, the #47 driver was forced to retire the car with heavy damage. Admittedly, Johnson was at fault, because he tried to dive down the inside of a lapped car.

Unfortunately, he failed to realize that Stenhouse was on his inside, and they collided.

The ill-advised move sent Stenhouse Jr. careening straight into the wall and damaged his front left. There was a scary moment when the dragging bodywork sparked and lit a fire under the car.

The entire weekend was bittersweet since the Bristol Motor Speedway paid him a tribute. To be precise, they named a walking trail after him and donated bikes in his honor. A touched Johnson said, “That is awesome, that’s super cool. And my kids ride that same bike.”

“It’s a different year to say the least, but I think we’ve made the most of it,” Johnson continued. “I choose to look at the silver linings that have come out of 2020. I’m kind of dressed differently than I would typically be at the track because I was able to go to my kids’ horse show this morning.”

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