It’s very rare that a top-class athlete finds a companion of the same class and pedigree, and NASCAR champion Kurt Busch is one of those rare few. In 2017, Busch married his long-time girlfriend, and professional polo player, Ashley Van Metre.

“In real life, I’m a fairly mellow person. When I put my helmet on and get on the horse, it’s like I’m a different person. I really get into the game. I’m there to win,” Van Metre said in an interview about her passion for polo.

That is that one thing that unites Busch and Van Metre at their core – being competitive.


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Who is Ashley Van Metre?

She is the daughter of Albert Van Metre Jr., the chairman of a real estate development firm in Middleburg and Deadria Van Metre. Ashley Van Metre attended the prestigious Hill Academy.

She is currently the brand ambassador of US Polo Assn., one of the biggest brands and names in the world. The 30-year-old always dreamed of becoming a professional polo player. She has won several tournaments like Port Mayaca 14- goaler and the International Polo Club 12-goaler, among others.

Along with her involvement in Polo, Van Metre also designs and runs a swimwear brand.

Van Metre has also taken part in events hosted by the British Royal Family. In 2018, she took part in an event held by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

How did Kurt Busch meet his wife?

The NASCAR driver met his future wife at a party on Van Metre’s farm in 2011. But their first encounter was brief, and it wasn’t until three years later that “something” that Busch sensed, would develop.

Speaking about his second meeting, Busch recalled, “When I was reintroduced to Ashley, that early moment came back.” He added, “Later that night, I told her there was ‘a shooting star on the horizon and there she was.’”

This was something his future wife thought “was a cheesy pickup line.”


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But it worked. In 2015, Busch proposed to Ashley Van Metre, and the two got engaged. The couple got married in January 2017 on the island of St Barts.

Usually for athletes and especially motorsports athletes, being away from home becomes a huge part of your life. This can cause many relationships to fall apart.


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But seeing the level of understanding Kurt Busch and Ashley Van Metre have, one can understand and appreciate even more, just how right these two top-level athletes are for each other.

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