“Who’s Ready” – Dale Earnhardt Jr Gets the NASCAR Community Riled up as He Reveals Iconic Earnhardt Tradition

Published 08/27/2023, 5:55 PM EDT

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As the intense regular season wrapped up with a dramatic conclusion in Daytona, teams and fans have found a moment of pause before the playoffs. With 26 out of 36 races completed this year, the anticipation for the upcoming playoffs builds by the day. The latest race did not introduce any new winners, but propelled Bubba Wallace, among 15 other drivers to the next level of the competition.

Taking in the calm after the storm, the legendary Dale Earnhardt Jr took it to “X” to express gratitude his for the captivating weekend. Interestingly, the thrilling race in Daytona played out almost exactly as predicted by him. Before the action resumes again next week, the Earnhardt family prepares to enjoy a brief moment in solitude through a reunion.

The Earnhardt family to take a short breather ahead of the playoffs


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Dale Jr‘s popularity within the NASCAR community isn’t just by chance. His personality, charm, and fortitude have earned him attention and admiration from all corners. And that includes the 15 consecutive “Most Popular Driver” awards that he collected. However, he has never let his high-profile career cast a shadow on his personal life. Not too long ago, in April, he delighted his family with a day at his expansive 300-acre Western Town. And now, another heartwarming gathering is on the horizon. Dale Earnhardt Jr revealed news of this family reunion on his  “X” handle.

There’s a reason for Dale Jr considering Daytona to be a special place. He is, after all, the “Pied Piper of Daytona.” A genius of restrictor plate racing, he won the Daytona 500 twice and came close four more times with runner-up finishes. As he rejuvenates himself with the reunion and hypes up the racing community for the upcoming race at Darlington, we cannot ignore his insane prediction going into last weekend’s race.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr’s incredible prediction going into Daytona


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Speaking on his “Dale Jr Download” podcast last week, he’d said that he had a “weird” feeling about the race. In his own words, “I got this weird feeling man, it’s going to be this sort of you know, it’s going to be this weird non-winner, like a Harrison Burton like somebody like that. […] I think it’s going to be a wild, nasty, crazy race.” Crazily enough, Chris Buescher from RFK Racing ended up in pole position and the race did end up being wild and nasty. The night saw more than one terrible accident.


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The racing community, hoping that the drivers involved make full recoveries, acknowledged Dale Jr’s prediction and got behind him to make the best use of the breathing space that they have before heading to Darlington. A reply from this one racing fan sums up the positivity that Dale Jr kickstarted.


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The Darlington Raceway is one of the most difficult tracks for drivers and crews to navigate through. Rightly earning the nickname “Too Tough To Tame,” it is one track where only the best of the best can have a shot at winning. As we await the Southern Cookout 500, let’s follow the example set by Dale Jr and enjoy the time off in preparation for the weekend ahead.


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