Will Chase Briscoe Get a Penalty for the ‘Water Bottle’ Incident at the NASCAR Xfinity race at Texas?

July 19, 2020 6:56 pm

Yesterday, we saw Kyle Busch losing his race win after his car failed the post-race inspection and Justin Allgaier receiving a hefty penalty for violating the ‘blend-line rule’. Now, questions are being raised about the Chase Briscoe ‘water bottle’ incident.

During the race, many fans caught Chase Briscoe throwing a water bottle out of his car on the race track. Here is a video of the incident posted on YouTube by a fan.

Initially, NASCAR Xfinity didn’t notice the incident and let it pass. Bob Pockrass of Fox NASCAR revealed that NASCAR Xfinity Director Wayne Auton stated that the incident will be inspected closely.

He said it while answering a fan question about the legality of Allgaier’s penalty and Chase’s action.

Chase Briscoe explains why he threw his bottle on the track

After the race, Briscoe was asked about his decision to throw it out mid-race. Fox NASCAR’s Bob Pockrass posted a video of the interview. He wrote, “Chase Briscoe says he didn’t want to take up time on his pit stop giving his team the water bottle back for a new one and that is why he threw his water bottle out of his car:”

In the video, Chase said, “I was trying to get rid of it because I knew we were gonna be pitting. And I needed another one. I was so hot in the race car and it kept rolling on me as I go.

“I knew I was going to pit in a couple of laps anyway so I was trying to get it out so I can have the other one when I pit”

He added that he didn’t want to waste much time on exchanging bottles during the pit stop. As timings were crucial for him.

He said, “I wasn’t going to wait in the pit road for a water bottle so I just tried to get rid of it so I’ll be ready for the next one whenever we pitted.”

A few years ago, Kyle Busch was penalized for throwing a water bottle mid-race. And now with Briscoe under investigation for the incident, the severity of the punishment depends on the discretion of NASCAR Xfinity.

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