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Even though Dale Earnhardt Jr. hung up his racing boots in 2016, he’s remained the heart and soul of NASCAR. With his podcast, The Dale Jr. Download, he’s not missed a step and has kept the ball rolling, allowing him to wear his heart on his sleeve. But he’s not just singing the same old tune about NASCAR.

A prime example? The recent chinwag with WWE titan Cody Rhodes on the podcast, where they found common ground and dished on Rhodes’ take on the NASCAR world

Cody Rhodes reveals his fondness for a certain aspect of NASCAR to Dale Earnhardt Jr.


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Lately, Rhodes has been making waves, gunning for The Tribal Chief and aiming to pull the plug on The Bloodline, with a little help from his ally, Sami Zayn. Their mission? To drive a wedge between Jey Uso and his kin.

While taking down Reigns is Rhodes’ ultimate prize, he doesn’t have to clinch victory in next year’s men’s bout. He should stay in the race until the final lap before yielding to the contender eyeing the World Heavyweight Championship. Despite this, Reigns is standing his ground, refusing to let the Rhodes family break their curse of not clinching a WWE Championship.

As of now, the wrestling realm might be keeping Rhodes and Reigns at arm’s length while fortifying their individual legacies. But off the ring, Rhodes took a pit stop at Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s podcast, drawing parallels between their storied careers. As Dale Jr. delved into the history of his studio, once a merchandise hub, Rhodes didn’t beat around the bush, probing about a certain aspect of NASCAR: “Did you, in your merchandise shop, did you ever sell the jackets?”

The root of Rhodes’ curiosity A blast from the past when he was given a jacket bearing a striking resemblance to a NASCAR one. Reminiscing about a fan moment, he recalled a fan gushing over a NASCAR jacket and imploring, “Gosh! I gotta have that jacket; it’s amazing.”

And that prompted Rhodes to believe that “It’s just very bold, in your face, very loud.”

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Clearly, the WWE icon has a penchant for the audacious vibe NASCAR exudes in the racing realm. Delving further, during the podcast, Rhodes also lifted the veil on his toughest WWE days.


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Cody Rhodes reflects on his WWE maiden journey

In a heart-to-heart with Dale Earnhardt Jr., Cody Rhodes peeled back the curtain on his WWE stint. While he rode high for a decade, kicking off with Monday Night Raw, the tight ropes of the game were a tough pill for him to swallow since he struggled to toe the line with the WWE’s regimented playbook.

He admitted, “I left in a very, burn the boats, burn the bridges. […] I had a really good eight of the 10 years and then two years of not-so-great. […] One of the ideas I had was, I’ll be doing these small independent shows, small wrestling shows.”


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And while the water might’ve been choppy between WWE and Rhodes initially, it seems they’ve buried the hatchet. With WrestleMania 40 poised to be the cherry on top of his and Roman Reigns’ narratives, it seems he and WWE have found common ground once more.