Hulk Hogan in NASCAR—Is this a game-changer or just another publicity stunt?

NASCAR has a long-standing association with beer sponsors. Stretching back to the 1990s, it has become a tradition to let the cans flow while tires burn on tracks. Now a fresh brand is here for fans to refresh themselves on steamy race days. The beer brand’s name is Real American Beer, recently launched under the care of a wrestling legend, Hulk Hogan.

The WWE Hall of Famer is on a mission: to offer NASCAR fans a real American beverage. In an exclusive interview with EssentiallySports and Fan Controlled Sports, Hogan shared why Real American Beer has the potential to beat its rivals, especially with a grand event upcoming this weekend at Pocono Raceway.

Hulk Hogan aims to topple his competitors


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Mason Massey is running a full-time Craftsman Truck Series schedule under Young’s Motorsports, holding 24th place in the driver rankings. However, the rising racer has more seat time to improve his performance by running a part-time Xfinity schedule with SS Green Light Racing’s No. 14 car. And his upcoming Xfinity stint in Pocono is bound to shine under the light of a passionate sponsor- Hulk Hogan’s Real American Beer.

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Ahead of this massive NASCAR tie-up, Hulk Hogan overflowed with confidence. When asked, “Why does the Beer industry need to prepare itself for the Real American Beer?” by EssentiallySports, the 70-year-old confidently replied, “Anyone who knows me likes to know I like to go big! When I jump into an arena, I give everything I got. The Beer industry needs to be prepared not to underestimate me and Real American Beer.” 

Hogan continued with unbridled enthusiasm, trumpeting his motto of ‘unbridled patriotism’. “I have a great team in my corner and we are just starting to flex brother! When I say whatcha gonna do brother, I will tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to make Real American Beer – America’s favorite beer.”

Real American Beer carries the proud vision on its official website: “America’s better when it’s united.” With the support of WWE icon and A-list celebrity Hulk Hogan, the beer brand is bound to make ripples across the NASCAR fold. The ‘Hulkamania‘ fever is already catching onto Americans, as CEO Terri Francis confirmed distribution will be available in 17 states by the end of summer.

Hogan also adds a personal touch to the Real American Beer. The 12-time World Champion used the good old beverage to settle heated conflicts in the arena. He enjoyed settling beef with other wrestlers over a beer because understanding each other’s differences can help avoid conflict and carries the vision that other Americans will also establish fraternity in the same way.

The product is an “American-style” light lager brewed with 100% North American ingredients, as the company stated. This falls in line with popular NASCAR icon Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s beverage preferences.


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Dale Jr also prefers a real American-style beer

26-time Cup winner Dale Earnhardt Jr. is arguably the most popular NASCAR icon. Yet the veteran driver has some unique habits for his passion. He once famously claimed that drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes before a hectic race weekend helped set his head straight. Dale Jr.’s special preference for beverages is also unique.

In 2016–2017, JR Motorsports allied with a craft beer brewery. Since then, craft beer has been all the rage, with several breweries popping up across town. However, the team owner is far from the brewery’s tastes. Dale Earnhardt Jr. would ditch that new kind of beer any day for traditional light beer, falling in place with Hulk Hogan’s beverage ambition.


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Junior strongly put forward his opinion about beer: “I cannot stand craft beer…I’m the a**hole that when I go to the craft beer places that serve only the craft beers – and I know this annoys the hell out of the bartender – I’m the guy that’s like, ‘You got anything that’s kind of like a domestic light?’ They hate me. They hate that person. And you know, they probably give me something that ain’t even close, cause they’re like ‘Scr*w this guy.’ And I’m not ashamed.”

So, don’t you think there is a solid chance that the NASCAR Hall of Famer will develop a taste for the Real American Beer? We sure hope so.