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“You’ve Done It Before”: Joey Logano Reveals What Chase Elliott Said to Him After Their Crash

“You’ve Done It Before”: Joey Logano Reveals What Chase Elliott Said to Him After Their Crash

Joey Logano

Joey Logano reveals his frustration in an Instagram video after the race. Logano and Chase tangled during the last laps of the race and lost their chance at the win.

The last lap crash handed the victory to Brad Keselowski. And Joey and Chase dropped down drastically to finish at P21 and P22 respectively. After the race, Joey Logano talked about the incident with NBC Sports. He said, “Chase Elliott wrecked me.  He got loose underneath me.”

After that, he reveals that he had to force an apology out of Chase. He adds, “The part that’s frustrating is that afterward a simple apology. Like be a man and come up to someone and say, ‘Hey, my bad.’ But I had to force an apology, which, to me, is childish.”

Later, he posts a video on his Instagram talking about the incident and his post-race thought. In the video, Joey reveals what Chase said to him after the incident. He reveals that after the crash he went to talk to Elliott about the crash. And instead of apologizing Elliott said, “You’ve Done It Before”. Additionally, Joey expresses his happiness with the team’s performance.


“Our AutoTrader Mustang and had a shot to win”: Joey Logano

After the crash, Joey said that he’s still positive and really happy with the performance of his car. He also said that they had a good recovery after some initial speeding penalties. And his ‘AutoTrader Mustang’ had a real shot at winning the race.

He also talked about how in NASCAR racing these incidents are bound to happen. He said, “I passed him clean. It’s hard racing at the end, I get that.  It’s hard racing, but, golly, man, be a man and take the hit when you’re done with it.”

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