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As the NASCAR nation is bracing itself for the highly anticipated Chicago street course next week, the organization has hired nearly 900 private security guards to keep things under control during the 2-day event. While NASCAR has brought in men to ensure the safety and security of its fans, netizens, however, drew in a hilarious similarity between the reigning Cup champ, Joey Logano and WWE wrestler, Bill Goldberg.

Soon as the news came out, Redditers quickly jumped the gun to brutally roast the Team Penske driver as they compared the 6’4 bald World Championship Wrestling icon to the #22 driver.

Joey Logano feels the heat while NASCAR brings in the muscle as the racing community embraces their first street course


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According to WBBM Newsradio, after a series of lengthy planning and organizing, the city of Chicago is finally ready to host NASCAR’s first-ever street course next week. The 2-day event will also feature live music events performed by renowned artists including the popular EDM duo, The Chainsmokers.

With the whole of the country headed down to the city for the spectacle, the safety, and security of the residents and visitors are paramount. And for that, the organization has brought in 900 private security personnel to keep a close eye on things while the city’s police force will also work closely, keeping guard.

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In the wake of this, fans brutally roasted, Logano, mentioning his similarity with the wrestler, Bill Goldberg. As ardent fans mercilessly trolled the driver for his once declining hairline, to the bald wrestler’s ring walkout. Though Adam Stern broke the news in the Twitter-sphere, Redditers tagged the post and initiated their comparisons and roasts.

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Frenzied fans tear apart Logano as they Ruthlessly mock him as “Joey without his Hair Club”

Now, bald patches and gradual hair loss are definitely not in one’s control. But that time is long gone as receding hairline can be easily fixed now if you can afford it. And that’s what exactly the Penske driver did when he underwent a medical procedure to have a head full of hair.


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Though he had been suffering from Alopecia Areata, the driver proudly shared his new look on social media thanking “Hair Club,” an American company that specializes in the restoration, growth, and replacement of natural hair. And coming to the present scenario, with the news about NASCAR hiring security out in the open. Redditers roasted Logano, comparing his old self to the footballers turned wrestler, Bill Goldberg.

[Adam Stern] NASCAR has hired 900 private security guards for the Chicago street race weekend
by u/RealRacer4 in NASCAR

Fans did not hesitate as they rag-dolled him with no remorse.

“That’s Joey without his Hair Club For Men treatments”

Whereas another fan chimed in with a chucklesome animation of the wrestler walking out with a quirky caption, “Joey Logano on his way to his car for pre-race ceremonies:” 

by u/TheRealCheeeser00 from discussion [Adam Stern] NASCAR has hired 900 private security guards for the Chicago street race weekend


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While others mentioned their adventures, slipping security and meeting their favorite drivers,

“Last time I was at Darlington my drunk friends and I ended up sneaking into the infield and got a pic with Brad K. in Victory Lane. I’d hope they have better security there lol.” 

Another user stated the obvious with a pinch of sarcasm, “Breaking news: large event hires security for event”


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The comment section is endless with Logano references and picking the best would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack but ending this on a funny note as a fan commented, “Looks like Joey’s ready for a high-speed getaway!” 

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