After Paris Olympics Controlled Ayesha’s Pregnancy, Stephen Curry Could Use Team USA Rule For Wholesome Tribute

Published 04/18/2024, 10:38 PM EDT

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Stephen Curry has dominated the NBA court for over 15 years. Now, for the first time ever, the player is receiving the golden opportunity to represent his country in one of the biggest international tournaments; The Olympics. With him and his wife Ayesha currently expecting their fourth child, Curry seemingly made a decision around his Olympics debut that may come out as a wholesome tribute to his little loved ones.

As the news about Curry’s debut made the rounds, an online clip went viral. It featured Warriors player Chris Mullin presenting the four-time NBA champion with his official Team USA Jersey. While Curry is known for highlighting the Number 30 on his official NBA Jersey, he would represent Team USA while donning the Number 4. This decision was the result of a ruling made some time ago by FIBA, which stated that players are required to wear numbers between 4 and 15 during the Olympics events. While Curry could have chosen any number, he chose 4, which may be interpreted as a reference to the 4 children (3 at present) whom he is proud to call himself a father of.


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It would make sense for Curry to choose that particular number since he and his wife planned the pregnancy by keeping the upcoming Paris Olympics in mind. In an interview with the Associated Press a few days ago, Curry revealed he was expecting his name to be on the Team USA roster. As a result, he and Ayesha decided to plan the arrival of their fourth baby in a unique manner, admitting, “We actually would have made a different decision knowing the Olympics were on the radar. So, thankfully, the Lord looked out for us and if everything goes to plan, I’ll be available this summer.”

The Olympics may have prevented the Warriors star from spending initial quality time with his newborn, however, it did allow him to choose that number which fans will be searching for when the player is amongst the circle of other renowned stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid, etc.

Stephen Curry feels that 2024 is the right year to make his Olympic debut


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Stephen Curry’s Olympics debut has been a 15-year journey in the making. The player has represented the US internationally before, the most recent being his participation in the 2014 FIBA World Cup. While Curry could have been a part of the previous Olympics, he does not seem to have any regret about making a debut so late in his career.

“I definitely wanted this experience,” said Curry about the Olympics. “I think the timing is just right… This is probably the last opportunity I have to play. And that made it a much easier decision to say, ‘This makes sense.’”


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Curry’s decision found a voice of support from the Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, who proceeded to state, “I think 2016 would have been the year that made the most sense. In 2020, there was the pandemic. But I’ve never had a discussion with him. Going to the Finals wears you down, and we had gone in 2015 and 2016. Then 2021 came around, and there was the pandemic, but now, it makes perfect sense. It’s another box to check in his career.”


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USA Today via Reuters

Stephen Curry had placed his name during the 2016 Olympics but withdrew himself from consideration due to “ankle and knee ailments”. However, nothing is set to stop the player now. He may not have won the championship trophy this season, but a gold medal may just be as equally enticing for his fans and fulfilling for his career.


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