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After Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard is Ready for a Major Sacrifice for James Harden

Published 11/21/2023, 12:31 AM EST

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In tonight’s game at AT&T Center, the Los Angeles Clippers went all-in against the San Antonio Spurs. The franchise has indeed found its groove as they have managed to string together 2 wins in a row in the James Harden era. Taking down Victor Wembanyama and Co. in a 124-99 win, the team was led by Paul George and Kawhi Leonard tonight. However, James Harden did steal the limelight with his assists along with picks and rolls, thereby showcasing selfless play.

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However, will Kawhi Leonard fall next in line to sacrifice his position to reciprocate Harden’s effort?

Kawhi Leonard on James Harden


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While PG13 led the team with 28 points tonight, Harden did his best to assist Kawhi Leonard, letting him score 21 points and 4 rebounds in total. Recording an 8/17 field-goal ratio, the small forward appreciated Harden in return for his gameplay tonight. Kawhi said, I’m getting used to being comfortable knowing that he can attract so much attention in the pick and roll… Now I’ve got more energy on the defensive end, but when my numbers is called, I gotta be ready to attack.”

Russell Westbrook made a bold sacrifice as he stepped down from his position in the starting five while letting the starting lineup be a little less chaotic. After Russell Westbrook requested the administration to not include him in the starting five, it might be Kawhi up next who will give up his position for James Harden.


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James Harden always gets things his way; however, this time the question is whether he can live up to the expectations


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James Harden, a new sensation for the Clippers

The Beard got everything he wanted: the city, the team, the warm and well-awaited homecoming, the supporting teammates, and everything that a player can expect to perform at his best. After all this at his disposal, can the player reimagine his dream of winning an NBA championship? Riding alongside Kawhi Leonard, the point guard got what he was longing for.


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Not only that, a position in the starting five, a supporting team even when he lost the first five games with the Clippers, and a leeway to get over how the Sixers played After tonight’s win if we break down the trajectory, it seems the team only needed a little luck, a little chemistry, and a less chaotic lineup, and the job’s done. Although the win might be all merry for the player, does James Harden have the patience to not spoil this? Drop your views on the question in the comment section.

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