Amid NBA Troubles, Ja Morant Celebrates Father Tee’s Birthday With a Heartfelt Message

Published 11/15/2023, 2:26 PM EST

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As with other winning or losing teams in every competitive league or setting, this is part of the process and for now it is Morant’s time to enjoy his personal victory. Recently, Ja Morant, the star point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies managed to find comfort in his personal celebration. Morant suspended for the first 25 games of the 2023-24 season acknowledged that today, was his dad’s birthday, Tee Morant as he stopped for a moment to remember him.

Ja Morant’s Instagram Ode to Father Tee’s Birthday

Morant posted a touching Instagram story that said more than it could express. One simple but deep message stated, “OG. Happy Birthday my guy. I don’t got to say too much, Love yaa Tee Morant.” this heartfelt tribute shows how Morant can find the strength he needed and support in his personal relationships despite professional challenges.


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The shade of Morant’s NBA suspension does not sway as his father wishes him a happy birthday. On 14th May, the league suspended Morant for pulling out a pistol during Instagram Live. This led to the league fining Morant for the negative behavior that was reported by the NBA.


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As the NBA suspended the young talent for 25 games, Ja Morant could only share his personal triumph. Although the occurrence is unfortunate, it is possible to sense an air of optimism amongst Morant as he strives to return in December.

Although the Grizzlies are currently battling with the league’s worst 1-8 start, Ja Morant continues providing hope for the team. Consequently, Morant has been suspended from the arena during games under a conduct detrimental to the league. However, he continues to show up for practices, film sessions, individual workouts, team dinners and whatever else goes on with the team.


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Ja Morant’s Going Above and Beyond to Swiftly Return to the Court

Coach Taylor Jenkins acknowledged that Morant had a good outlook and kept going on despite everything, stressing the importance of him being there in the team aside from the basketball court. The reason for Morant’s suspension is that they have captured him on video in two instances holding a gun.

The hope is that Morant will be cleared to play on December 19 and therefore it is a light at the end of the tunnel for the Grizzlies. In spite of all the challenges, Morant is still playing a key role in the team’s dynamics demonstrating leadership qualities and commitment to the collective triumph of the team.


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The life of Ja Morant continues to be one of the best stories surrounding the unfolding NBA season–one of success amidst struggles in the career. The intersection of these personal life occurrences and a basketball player’s career serves to bring home the point that there is a life beyond NBA problems.


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