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Can JJ Redick's insights fill the void if LeBron James steps away from the game?

Just when the Lakers were hunting for their new head coach, JJ Redick became the fan favorite to coach LeBron and company. But why was Redick selected out of all the coaches who were much more experienced? Well, the former shooting guard was quite popular in the media mainly because of his straightforward take on ESPN that came from a player’s perspective. Not only that but the new podcast that he started with LeBron James gained millions of followers in a short while. So given his friendship with James and his in-depth knowledge, he was the favorite to land as the Lakers’ next head coach. Fast forward to today, and we all know where he stands.

Now, we all know that he will be busy with coaching, and as he said during his introduction as the head coach, he won’t be appearing on his podcast. But then again, his partners, Jason, Tommy, and others. He recently posted a video on his YouTube talking about the future of his podcast. “I will be moving on to coach the Los Angeles Lakers. 342 is alive and well. 342 will continue to operate. I’m going to have no involvement. My entire focus right now is on coaching the Los Angeles Lakers and making them the best possible team they can be.”, said Redick.

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Of course, he won’t be so active on his socials, but watching him on the sidelines will be as entertaining. On the other hand, the Mind the Game podcast also won’t be featuring him anymore. But there will be special guests from time to time. The Lakers drafted Bronny James, as fans will get to see the father-son duo on the floor for the first time in the NBA. Given these stars, the Lakers can expect sellouts for each home game. Redick and James have discussed the game quite thoroughly on their podcast, from plays to player performances. It’d only be fair to see them use their strategies in real games.


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Redick’s popularity grew quite rapidly right at the start of his media career. He started off with his podcast, featuring players like Steph, Luka, Booker, and others. The topics he’d cover were mostly related to how the players viewed the competition in the league. His podcast gained millions of views and just a few years later, he became a member of ESPN’s A-team. Redick was part of the broadcast team, joining Doris Burke during the NBA Finals. JJ shared his desire for coaching quite often and when he got the opportunity, he was more than interested.

JJ Redick would’ve had a great career in the media


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As seen from his interests, there are high expectations from Redick as a head coach. But on the other hand, there’s no denying that he would’ve had a successful career in the media as well. Yes, his two podcasts would also have been a part of it. Redick’s credibility in the media had only increased once he joined ESPN. He was also considered a better analyst than Stephen A. Smith at one point. Though in the end, one can only wonder how far Redick would’ve gotten had he continued his original path.

In fact, if it wasn’t for his famous podcast and appearance on national television, Redick wouldn’t have been considered a prospect for the head coaching job for the Lakers. His portfolio now includes the role of a coach. And for the most part, it was for the best. It will be interesting to see him coach the Lakers who have been struggling for the past two years. The franchise has exhausted all its options. Frequent changes in the roster and coaching staff, but nothing made any difference following their last title run. This year, there are hopes that the squad can finally make some noise in the West.

What are your thoughts on Redick’s podcast? Do you think he will return for an episode or two? Let us know in the comments.


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